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Little Known Facts You Should Know About Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting | Admin | Updated: 2014-12-04

Little Known Facts You Should Know About Dedicated Hosting

A Dedicated Hosting Server is the one in which the owner has complete control over the operational aspects of the server; like operating system, hardware, applications, etc. The Dedicated Servers are provided by hosting service providers which are housed in their data centres. The service provider provides various other services like; management, uninterrupted power supply, security, heat ventilating and air conditioning systems along with a complete server. A Dedicated Server provides great amount of control over the websites along with security and stability. These servers are mostly used by business websites receiving heavy amount of traffic. Some of the less known facts about Dedicated Hosting are:-

Different types of Dedicated Hosting-

There are many different types of Dedicated Hosting:

  • Fully managed hosting- It is completely managed by the service provider, who looks into all the matters of hosting like security and software updates.
  • Semi-managed hosting- Some services are offered which are pre fixed. Management is intermediate and one may need to hire experts for all the technical aspects of the server.
  • Managed hosting- In such hosting, complete control is retained by the provider and the owner is not given any control
  • Self-managed hosting- In such type of hosting, the owner can retain complete control on the server. The provider offers technical help as a payable service.
  • Unmanaged hosting- The owner manages the server. Provider is not liable to provide any help or assistance on any matter.
  • Customizable-Dedicated server is customizable and can be designed according to the need of the business. One can install a lot of applications to improve the speed and security of the server. Dedicated server allows the owner to exercise good control and flexibility over the server.
  • Reliable-Dedicated Servers are not sub-divided into many virtual servers as is the case in Shared Hosting or Virtual Private Servers. This makes sure that the system resource does not face any load. The whole server is at the service of the business and thus provides great amount of reliability to the website.
  • Dedicated IP-Dedicated Server provides a unique IP address which helps in recognizing the requests for a particular website. This cut short the time and response time can be increased.Dedicated Hosting Server provides a lot more advantages to a business as compared to shared hosting.

The owner can exercise good amount of control over the server and enjoy the benefits of security and flexibility. The above facts about the server completely highlight the superiority of Dedicated Hosting.

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    19 October, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Hey Palak! Thanks for this post. No doubt, this is an amazing detailed post about the dedicated hosting. Keep up the good work!


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