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How To Resolve Issues With Web Host Before Making A Permanent Shift

Web Hosting | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-02-06

How To Resolve Issues With Web Host Before Making A Permanent Shift

With web hosting companies guaranteeing 99.9% network uptime, instant activations, unlimited bandwidth, constant backup, etc., businesses are spoilt with choices when it comes to selecting a host for their website. Whether one wants Linux hosting, Reseller hosting, Email hosting, Ecommerce hosting, or Windows hosting, there are many companies offering all types of website hosting services at the most effective prices. As easy as finding a web hosting company is in today's world, staying put with the same company for a long time is a challenge. And one of the main factors that determine how long businesses keep their website hosting with a particular company is their customer support. In case of any glitch like slow loading speed, website downtime, zero scalability, inefficient security, etc., it is important that a business can report the problem and get instant support from a knowledgeable technical person. If a business is unable to get their problem resolved at the given time, there are high chances of them making a switch to someone who can cater to their requirement any time and resolve their issue. But before making a switch, here's how you can resolve any issues with your web host.

Be Clear With What You Want

Many times we think that the web hosting provider is not offering the perfect web hosting solution for your company. But in reality, it is the businesses that are unclear of what they actually require from the web hosting companies. Most of the time, companies find problems with their hosting provider because they arent able to clearly state their requirements. And that is not just about the services you require. This also extends to the time when you are facing any issue with your web host. It is imperative to mention each and every issue very clearly while sending them your query. It could be via an email, a phone call, or even by writing to their support desk, just make sure you are very clear in stating the problems you are facing with the hosting. Here are some points to focus on while stating your query:

  • Talk about each and every issue that and any reason you feel could have led to this issue
  • Mention the steps you have taken to resolve these issues
  • Let them know the genuine urgency of this problem so that they know how to deal with the issue
  • Tell them whether it is some technical backend error or regarding some upgrade you have been talking about
  • You also need to clearly tell them whether they can start with your issue resolution right now or not by letting them know about your data backup status

Study The Knowledge Based & Frequently Asked Questions

Before taking the final call to shift your web host because your issue is not getting resolved at their end, it is important that you also go through the knowledge-based and frequently asked questions. More often than not, a majority of issues are mentioned by the web hosting service providers in their knowledge-based sections. You can simply go through the questions or search your issue on the search tab to find ant resolution. There are many support forums as well, which offer insights into the problems and their solutions. Here, you can read if someone else has also faced a similar issue and what kind of response they've received from your web host. If their final response is positive and their issue is resolved, you can sit tight and rely on the company to resolve your issue. In fact, you can also read on the resolution directions and try to fix the issue yourself if the process is not long enough.

Give Them Some Time To Work On The Issue

Every web hosting company has a dedicated support team working to resolve any issue raised by their customer as soon as possible. However, they generally offer a certain period of waiting time while they look into the issue and try to find a solution. You need to be patient at that time and let the support team work to resolve it. While even a single second of your websit's downtime may cost you a lot of clients and sales, it is important to give the company some time to fix the bug. A number of businesses usually get frustrated with not getting a solution within the very next minute and decide to shift to another web host. However, you need to be a little patient and understand that the company is hosting hundreds of other sites and would need some time to get back to you. Get in touch with the support team after the time allotted and keep a tab on the progress by sending emails or raising tickets at regular intervals.

Consider Earlier Query Resolutions

While having any problem with the web host, it is imperative to consider how fast the web host was in solving your problems earlier before making a switch. Many times, the company has been very prompt and swift in handling all the queries but is stuck on this one query. This shouldn't be the sole reason to make a switch if the company has shown exceptional customer support in any technical glitch. If they have been the ideal web hosting service provider in the past, give them this one chance. You can ask them the estimated time for the resolution of this problem. Apart from that, you should also consider things like regular updates from the company to ensure that they have at least received your complaint. WordPress, hosting 22.6 million active sites, is loved by businesses across all domains due to its quick and effective customer support. Even if a site goes down, most people tend to wait because it has a history of being super quick in resolving any issues. Also, consider the satisfaction level you have with the company before deciding to make a permanent shift. If you have always had issues or delays on query resolution, it is better you send them the final call of changing your web host.

Consider and try all the aforementioned things before jumping in to change your web hosting company. You might get a resolution pretty soon and might not have to look for another web hosting company to host your site. However, if the site has been experiencing downtime or slow loading quite often, it is for the best that you make a change.

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