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An attractive website is not the only yardstick to determine the substance of a website. Instead of making it flashy and gaudy with all sorts of colours and pop-ups, it is sometimes better to keep things understated, especially if your site means serious business.

Cross browser compatibility:  Website usability is a pre-requisite for any website design. Today, web standards is an important factor, more so with millions of websites floating in cyber space. New and new browsers like IE 6 +, FF 2 +, Opera 9 +, Safari 2 + have secured a foothold in the market. This requires you to make sure your website is compatible with different browsers. So, it is suggested you have a program on your computer that checks your website’s browser and version compatibility.

Fast Loading:  Low loading speed of your website will result in high Bounce rate. Studies indicate that the level of patience of a net browser is ten seconds. To ensure prompt service to users, take care that you maximize content area, avoid excessive use of graphics, flash and stick to simple designs. These measures will reduce your website loading time.

Refrain from Pop-ups:  If you intend to make money from your website and take up desperate measures like use of pop-up ads, it is a myopic strategy. It will not bear long time results. For most visitors, pop-ups are intrusive, irritating and annoying. Many prefer to block pop-ups. In that case, why should your bother about using them in your website design?

Make your website Search Engine Friendly: Never ever undermine this aspect. The more Search Engine Friendly your website will be, the more will be your website’s visibility. Internet visibility is an important aspect if you want your website to be in a high position in search engines like Yahoo! and Google. This will rope in more visitors who might be your potential clients and customers

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