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5 DOs and DONTs of Email Signature Design

Email Marketing | Poonam | Updated: 2021-01-05

5 DOs and DONTs of Email Signature Design

People love to flaunt their websites by integrating the best plug-ins, elements like overall framework & design, and everything that makes it stand out from the digital crowd. Whether yours is a Dynamic Website Design or static design, having a flaunty email sig is indeed a big deal. With the apt email signature, you can easily leave an impactful impression on all your clients. People get to know with whom theyre dealing on a professional front.

There are different types of email signature practices that help in oozing the best results. With the right email signature, you can easily build trust. As per a report filed by a German-magazine, in the second quarter of 2020, over 3 million corporate mails with email signatures were recorded. It is a crystal clear indication that an email signature is a thing that really works! If you can calculate, email sig is a sure-fire marketing tool that can help the sales upsurge.

Email Signature: The DOs and DONTs

In laymans lingo, an email signature is a text block in the footer of the email. It usually contains the basic contact details of the sender and can be classified as a digital business card. However, there are certain DOs and DONTs of an email signature. By following them, one can easily imbibe with the habit of creating an impactful email signature.

The DOs of Email Signature

You must include all these in the email signature:

  • Pleasing Email Sig Design : The professional emphasize that a professional email signature must not exceed 7 lines. The crisp email signature includes the contact details and social media links on which youre active. The design should not just be pleasing, but associated with the industry in which you are offering services. Be creative but do not miss the professional front.
  • The Website Link : There are very few companies that stick to this rule. Professionally, all corporate mails are expected to carry a link to the website, either an image link or text link. With the help of a website link, you can bridge the gap between your website link and client. The link can be of the latest blog post or the website homepage. All in all, the sole purpose is to bring the client directly to the website.
  • Inform! Promote! Win! : Absolutely! You need to inform them about the upcoming conferences and meetings where youre being invited. Whether youre the speaker for the evening or a member of the board of directors for a conference, add it in the email signature for reflecting more professionalism. It can be done easily by creating a simple banner and attaching the same below the email signature. Not just this, but you can also promote your contributions in the form of content authored by you.
  • The Legal Work : Some countries have special laws for corporate firms where it is mandatory to reveal the basic details in the email signature. These details usually include the registration number, corporate head office address & contact number, registry location etc. Hence, you must consult a legal representative and understand the laws before finalizing the email signature.
  • The Free Attraction : The word FREE is a sure-fire way to generate leads. When you strategically incorporate this word in your corporate email signature, you can attract 5% more leads as compared to paid marketing strategies! Depending on your industry profile, add a free guide or software to catch the attention of users.

The DONTs of Email Signature

And, the list below includes everything that should be barred from corporate email signatures.

  • The Extras : Your corporate address, branch address in 4 different cities, surplus email addresses, fax, receptionists number, quote of the day etc., shouldnt hold space on email signatures. The inclusion of such details emits that the service provider is highly perplexed. No client wants to know the additional details, unless it is about the terms & conditions.
  • Fancy Fonts : The biggest blunder one can ever make is integrating fancy fonts in the corporate mail signature. Really! Does it even sound professional? Not at all! As per experts, one can incorporate a minimum of two fonts to stylize the email. However, the inclusion of fancy fonts is strongly discouraged.
  • Quotes From Renowned Personalities : Instead of impugning the authenticity, remaining simple is wiser. No client is interested in reading such quotes in a professional email signature. Unless youre a writer or have a strong reason to add a quote, just dont do it, even if Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi or anyone quoted it.
  • Disclaimers : Another point to remember is a disclaimer. There is no relevance of disclaimers holding space in an official email signature. Being an imposter on the digital platform, nowadays, is becoming a tough nut to break, especially when it is about trying to break into someones email signature.
  • Own Photograph : Just a simple line- Dont Do It. Adding ones own photograph doesnt increase chances for increased sales or credibility. It is because email signatures, mostly, do not function properly when viewed on mobile screens. Images tend to distort or simply do not load. Though adding the company/brand logo will fetch you thumbs-up, your own photograph wouldnt guarantee difference.

Final Words

With a well-drafted email signature, a brand can spread awareness and grow speedily. Such email signatures help in connecting with the clients, both loyal and prospective, without investing much in the marketing campaigns. It will not just drive traffic to the website but convert several leads that will turn into customers.

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