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Simple WordPress Security Tricks To Keep Your Website Secure in 2021

Tips & Tutorial | Poonam | Updated: 2020-12-29

Simple WordPress Security Tricks To Keep Your Website Secure in 2021

It is common that many website owners complain about the security of WordPress. The idea is that an open-source script is exposed to different kinds of cyberattacks. If it is true then, you should look into different techniques for securing the website of WordPress? Fortunately, the absence of built-in WordPress security is a big myth. Moreover, this platform is comparatively more secure as compared to other competitors. Here, we will discuss some of the simple yet best tricks that can assist you with how to secure a WordPress site even more.

After performing such techniques and working on them regularly WordPress security checks, you shall be fine on your way to save the WordPress website for positive outcomes. Safe the WordPress web portal by confirming that hosting is secure. Nearly all hosting firms give claim to give an optimized setting for WordPress, but do they?

  • Always Choose The Good Hosts
  • One must just work with trustworthy, safe, and high-quality hosting. The advice is expected to be quite a clear right with WordPress security plugins? We all think that their hosting works are simply perfect until something breaks for the very first time. In the actual world, not every hosting company or hosting offering is made equal.
  • If you are hunting into one of the best security plugins for WordPress, you'll notice how special people practice when it comes to complete hosting quality as well as individual perspectives on the hosting setups which include speed, reliability, and security.

Many hosts are just sub-par and don't do perfectly under any sort of stress.

  • The bad thing is that the majority of the time, you even don't aware of the fact that the host isn't seriously taking care of the security of the website. Things such as increased attacks of the hacker, common downtime, and low performance can result in inadequate security systems in place.
  • The truth is that you're not going to fix your host. The simple and the finest solution are to move with a special host or Web Design Agency India that's comparatively more secure. Normally, the more you play, the better your new host will be, but there are also some budget solutions that a person can consider.
  • Defend The wp-config.php Organizer
  • It is a file named wp-config.php that holds special information related to the WordPress installation, and it's the most essential file in the root directory of the website. Defending it implies that the file in the site's root directory. Defending it implies that it gets secured from the WordPress blog.
  • This technique makes things quite tricky for the hackers to break down the website's security, as the wp-config.php file turns unreachable to them. As a positive point, the protection process is rather simple. Simply consider with wp-config.php file and move it to a better level than the root directory.
  • At present, the question is, if you store it elsewhere, how does the server get it? In the present architecture of WordPress, the setting configuration is set to the highest on the list of the priority. Therefore, if it is stored in one folder above the directory of the root, WordPress can just notice it.
  • File Editing Not Possible

In case a user has admin access to the dashboard of WordPress, they can easily edit any file that is added into the installation of WordPress. It comprises the themes and plugins. In case, no allow the file editing; nobody will change the special files even if a hacker finds admin access to the dashboard of WordPress.

  • Designed Directory Permissions Cautiously

The wrong directory permissions can be deadly, particularly if you're working in shared hosting surroundings. Sometimes, changing files and permissions to the directory is a great move to save the web portal to the hosting level. Set up the permission of the directory to 755 and files to 644 defend the complete file system subdirectories, directories, and individual files. It can be complete manually through the file manager inside the hosting panel of control or with the terminal (connected with SSH) with the help of the command.

  • Directory Listing Disabled With .htaccess

If you wish to make a new directory as an important part of the website doesn't put an index.html file in it, you might be amazed to discover that visitors can find a full directory listing of everything that's in the directory.

Take an example, if you make a directory known as data, one can watch everything in that directory just by typing http://www.example.com/data/ in the browser. There is no need for a password or something is required.

  • Block The Hotlinking
  • Take an example, you can find a picture online and an image online and would like to share it on your web portal. Top of all, one requires permission or to settle down for an image, otherwise, there's a good possibility it's prohibited to do so. However, if you do get the right permission, you might straight away pull an image URL and make use that the photo in the post. The prime difficulty here is that the picture was added on the website but is hosted on the server of the other website.
  • From the point of view, there is no need to have control over if not the images expected on the server. However, it's also essential to understand that people might complete it on the website.
  • If a person wishes to secure up the website of WordPress, hotlinking is a person capturing the images and stealing your server bandwidth to show the picture on the website. In conclusion, you'll notice the slower speeds for the loading and the possibilities for the high server costs.
  • Understand, And Protect, Against DDoS Attacks
  • One of the common kinds of strikes is known as a DDoS attack. It takes place against your server bandwidth, where the attacker makes use of multiple systems and programs to overload the servers. However, like an attack does not risk the files of the site and files; it intended to crash your website for a long time if not answered. Normally, you just go through the DDoS attacks when it takes place with large companies such as Target and GitHub. They are performed by what many refer to as cyber-terrorists, so the motive may just be to wreak chaos.
  • If this kind of problem worries you, we advised signing up for the Cloudflare or Sucuri premium plans. The right solutions have web application firewalls to examine the bandwidth being utilized and block out DDoS attacks completely.

Safeguard the WordPress website by defending the page of login and avoiding the attack of the brute force

We all are aware of the standard WordPress login page URL. The website's backend can be quickly accessed from there, and this is the prime reason why people attempt to brute force in the way. You need to simply add /wp-login.php or /wp-admin/ in the conclusion of the domain name. It is even advised to personalized the login page URL and even the interaction of the page. It is the first way to secure the website.
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