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6 Rules for Creating an Eye-Catching Logo

Social Media Marketing | Poonam | Updated: 2022-04-26

6 Rules for Creating an Eye-Catching Logo
When it comes to producing logos and other graphics for a person or corporation, professional logo designers have a challenging job. They must ensure that the design they develop is exactly what their client desires, in addition to being good.

What is the Significance of a Logo?

Logos by custom logo designing services India help to build a link between a firm and its products. They are your customers' first impression of you, a method for them to remember you, a way to differentiate your brand from competitors, and a way to develop brand loyalty.

Six Ways to Create an Eye-Catching Logo Design

  • Pay attention to what your customers desire : When you don't have the means to physically exhibit your vision, it can be difficult to comprehend exactly what a person wants creatively. A graphic designer can help with this. They must be able to see the clients' vision and build it from sometimes ambiguous directions. This is where knowing the client's brand identity comes in handy; knowing what the brand is all about will help you have a better notion of where to start.
  • The use of colour is essential : When developing things like logos, there's a rule in website logo designing services that applies to both conventional and digital art: start with black and white. It's crucial to have the right balance of dark and light in your art, whether it's a painting on canvas or a digital logo because it gives it depth.
  • Don't get too enthused and start slapping on colours right away or you'll set yourself up for disaster. It's also vital to consider the colours you use. Red can represent anger or passion, blue can represent melancholy, and green can represent life. Colours are crucial because they aid to communicate the message you want to deliver to the audience when they see the logo.
  • Don't use someone else's ideas or designs; instead, come up with your own : Nowadays, a lot of logos have the same design. This means that designers study other logos before creating a new one in the same style. This is the point at which they fall short. Come up with your concepts, designs, and, most importantly, typography. Using Photoshop's pre-made text won't make your brand stand out in any way.
  • Use your imagination, scribble down ideas, and create something uniqueyou'll be glad you did. If you produce a logo that looks exactly like someone else's, it is frowned upon and will not give you any reputation; it will only harm you, and you may never receive another design assignment.
  • The key is to keep things simple : Your design will be more identifiable and understandable if it is kept basic. Sometimes all you get from the general public is a glimpse at your logo. However, the higher your chances of creating a successful logo are if your design is simple yet fascinating, simple yet memorable. If a logo has a lot going on, such as bright colours, a lot of heavy text, and multiple designs all crammed into one, it will be ten times less memorable than a logo that leverages simplicity to its advantage.
  • Before you create a new Photoshop file, take the time to sketch out a few ideas : It's to any designer's best advantage to sit down with a pencil and paper and scribble down ideas before jumping into Photoshop with no clear notion in mind. In any case, most people believe that designers have a simple job of producing logos and marketing designs, but they require a great deal of attention and time.
  • It takes a lot of work ethic, time, and attention to detail to get from the initial idea to learning and researching about the brand to understand exactly what it's about, to drawing out pages and pages of designs, to finally deciding on one and fleshing it out digitally, possibly creating unique typography, to finally adding the colour.
  • Is Your Logo MTV? : The concept of MTV in commercial designs makes it imperial for the logo to sell. MTV is basically Memorable, Timeless and Versatile.
  • Memorable Avoid symbols that have been used before and are more of a commodity than a unique message. Take a look at some of the most successful businesses. The Apple logo isn't a computer, and the Mercedes emblem isn't a car. Logos do not always have to be identical to the company's content.
  • Timeless Will this logo be relevant in 5 to 10 years?
  • Versatile Can the logo be printed in one colour or reverse colour and still function? Does it work on stamps as small as a stamp and billboards as huge as a billboard?
To determine whether a logo design is good, it must be put to the test in the real world, with real people choosing whether they like it enough to offer their business to that firm or person. An excellent logo design by a Logo Designing Company India has a unique design, superb typography, and an engaging colour scheme, if desired.

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  • Rick Castle
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