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How to Get Optimal Traffic, Links, and Shares by Creating A Top-Notch Content?

Content Marketing | Poonam | Updated: 2020-02-01

How to Get Optimal Traffic, Links, and Shares by Creating A Top-Notch Content?

If you are just getting involved in content marketing or content writing services, the primary thing that you must do is to launch your blog and begin writing something that is interesting and drags people. Hire the content writing services to create optimal contents for an engaging traffic.

Then, when your blog is established and purring along, try throwing during a new sort of content regularly or at a definite interval of time which will maintain the number of people visiting your blog and reading it. It is predicted that you will immediately get to see a difference. You get fresh traffic, high conversation rates, targeted visitors, and better SEO.

However, before you know which all things you should share or about the different kinds of content which will drive you more traffic, there are a couple of belongings you got to know:

Don't be scared to try something new

It is been found that some people are scared of new sorts of content because they think it'll take too long, fall through or it will be too hard to do. These kinds of fear are common and general, but one should always encourage oneself to try out something new every time and see the response.

Do you want to start with making videos? You don't need to buy editing software, pro-camera or any green card. You can use your iPhone and your YouTube account. Start small and work your high.

Pick one and then put it on your schedule

If you are having a schedule and working according to a content marketing schedule, slot one or two of new ideas into the editorial calendar for a month. If you do not work according to the plan, you will never notice any change. Therefore, go take a challenge and select at least one and give it a try for the next four weeks.

Three Content Types to Gain More Traffic

Infographics: An infographic is that the presentation of data in which data and visual effects are mixed together. The name itself is the summation of info and graphics together.
Infographics get more views, are shared more and loved mostly than other types of content. They are very strong and enough to get any information to you with visual delight. According to a recent study the infographics is been shared and liked three times more than normal content on social media sites. The viral potential is still very high and rising.

How to Do?

If you have got a graphic designer in your known network or professional field then tap her or him to help you in forming the infographics for you. Some of the graphic designers are focused and are concentrated to infographics only, and their fees are quite affordable and good in your budget Infographics typically start at a rate of $1,000.

When Can You Use It?

Infographics are the perfect tool or content for communicating almost all kinds of concepts or ideas. Data, statistics, research, and findings work well.

Memes: What can be better than them?

There is hardly anyone who does not know about memes. They are very easy to make and get viral easily because they are hilarious. That is their benefit that they are hilarious and this drags in more and more people. People love things which they can have a kick at, can laugh at, and can share with others to spread more laughter.

How to do?

Memes do not need any kind of graphic designing skills. There are certain apps and websites like, meme generator and quick meme, which helps you to add your texts on the famous memes of the year. Memes might not be the best to be shared on your blog but it is the best thing to be primed on social media.


There are a different world and much variety within the videos. One can write an entirely different post about videos and different types of videos that are available. However, an honest video is a good way to communicate messages about something important and in such a way that it best stored in the memory forever. Done well, a video is often extraordinarily persuasive.

How to do?

Whether you create an explainer video, an office tour, or a music video, scripting plays a very important role. You need to write a script and work or shoot the video accordingly. A video is not only a moving picture, but it is also important to look at what you are showing, saying or display.

Go through multiple videos and read more and more about how to create videos and go through the explainer videos to know more. Put the video on YouTube and Vimeo. Both of those video sharing sites are great ways to garner social signals for SEO and improved results for video search itself.

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