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Why Domain Names Are Important

Domain | Admin | Updated: 2013-02-25

Why Domain Names Are Important

Anybody who has even a faint idea about websites will surely understand the importance of Domain names. With global business becoming a child's play all thanks to the internet, Domain Names are an important tool utilized for directing the web traffic & creating an online identity.

What Are Domain Names & Why are Important?

To put it in simple terms, Domain Names is basically a unique identity given to each entity in the virtual world. You must have heard of IP addresses & how every computer has a unique one. The IP address is nothing but a string of numbers, & memorizing it is not an easy task. But this IP address is important if you want to find a given location online. To make its simpler for the net users, Domain Names were introduced.
Domain Names basically refer to unique alphanumeric addresses which direct the internet users to a particular IP address i.e. to their online destination (the given website). A Domain Name is easier to remember as compared to an IP address, which makes it easier for buyers to find your ecommerce website. Both the Domain Name & IP address are unique. Even if you decide to change your host/server, you have the option of retaining the same domain name.

Where To Get The Domain Name From

There are many Domain Name Registrars whom you can approach to get your unique domain name registered. To ensure that you get good services, it is recommended that only the services of an accredited Domain Name Registrar are availed. Of the many Domain Name Registrars in the market, some offer 24x7 helpdesk, other offer premium value domain names, while yet others offer extra value-added services together with Domain Name Registration. Depending upon your need you can choose from the best of the lot. Another option for getting a domain name is to approach a reseller.

There is a proper contract which is signed between both the domain name buyer & domain name registrar which enumerates the terms & conditions which are part of the deal. Choosing a good domain name as well as a competent domain name registrar is vital for your online business. Request a Free Quote

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