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Long Tail Keywords: Significance In Domain Naming

Domain | Admin | Updated: 2010-10-21

Long Tail Keywords: Significance In Domain Naming

Naming a domain brings with it a whole set of choices and alternatives that can easily confuse you. But a popular and significant tip given by all is related to the length of the name itself. Ever tried typing a really long domain name in the URL? Well, chances are that you will forget certain letters, words, hyphen marks and end up being completely frustrated. But with so many domains popping up each day, domain name buyers are having a tough time in the process of keeping it short and sweet. Another problem emerging from short naming is the ease of registering it. Confused on how to go about it? Read on. Basically long tail keywords for domain names emerge from a single keyword and are variations of the same. For example, type the word garment on Google Adwords and you will find more than hundreds of keywords that are related in one way or the other to this it, like: Ladies Garment, Garment Bag, Garment Accessories, Hanging Garment Bags and so on. For a garment trader setting up a website, the most common word can be the nature of business itself and it may fetch many results but at the same time it may not be available for naming. In this case, they can opt for the long tail names. You need not worry about the search ability of the name as there would be a substantial number of people looking for it as per their preference. In fact your website has more chances of being noticed by the right people who can directly access it. Okay.

But isn't niche naming harmful for generating website traffic?

This may be a conflicting thought since most of us know about all the obvious benefits of short naming but you may be surprised to know how search engines play a role in this. When people type a certain word or phrase in the search box they may or may not be accurate, and understanding this, search engines offer numerous options by combining keywords in the results. So, for someone searching Leather Bags on the internet, there will be results showing Leather Designer Bags, Leather Purses, Leather Goods and even Bag Makers for the term.

Some More Strategies

Another thing that you can do with long tail names is start creating back links from other websites that have shorter domain names. If you can create a chain of long tail domain names that are related to your industry, you have another ace in your hands. This is because one site will lead to the other and the traffic flow will ultimately increase for your main website. Long tail naming need not be a menace if you can apply it tactically. With short names becoming scarce by the day, this type of domain naming can also work successfully in getting the desired benefits for your business.

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