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How can I protect my Domain Name ?

Domain | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2010-02-17

How can I protect my Domain Name ?

The ownership of domain name is determined by the information recorded in the central Whois database under the Registrant information section of a particular domain record. From time to time, there have been incidents of hackers tampering with the Whois database in an attempt to wrest control over a domain. There are ways to control this menace. In order to minimize the potential risk of losing your domain name, you can take the following steps:

  1. Use a complex password (minimum 8 characters constituting meaningless, non-recognizable words).
  2. Keep full control over your domain name. Get your domain name registered in your name exclusively. If that is not done, many a time, the service provider has the pie.
  3. In the wake of any suspicious email which indicates changes on your domain name, alert the company through which you purchased the domain name immediately. Forward to them such murky documentation and provide them with the details of your problem. That would help them track down the disorder and do away with any mischief before things go out of control.
  4. Keep an off-line (paper/ hard) copy of your Whois records. Get a print out of the receipt and all other information which is sent by your Registrar via email to you. One never knows when these come handy. So, at times, it is wise to rely on good old paper.
  5. Make payments on time. Renew your domain name as soon as you receive a reminder from the Registrar. If the stipulated time of payment expires, you lose your domain name, and it might be to someone with a liking for the same name.

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