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learn-about-seo-friendly-domain-namesEarlier, an entrepreneur‘s success was determined by his sheer hard work, perseverance and a firm resolve to succeed. These were the essential ingredients for the recipe of success but with the increasing market competition, there was a need to have a breakthrough to get ahead. This was brought about with the dawn of the ‘Internet Age’ and now it has become mandatory to have an online presence for a globally successful venture. But to get your company noticed on the Internet, the presence of visually stimulating, rich in information and well-designed website would just not do. Proper marketing with keyword rich content is the order of the day, which can be significantly indexed by search engines.


People, who are a bit familiar with the term SEO, are well-aware of the importance of search engine rankings for any online business. Selecting a SEO friendly domain name implies that you have hit the nail on the head and are ready for a great start in the virtual world. A pivotal role is played by keyword related domain names which go a long way in attracting target audiences and generating business.


When starting a website, a domain name is important and the right one should be chosen after careful deliberations, evaluating all the pros and cons. And this becomes all the more important if the main tool is to be SEO for directing traffic towards your website. So, what are the different factors that can be adopted to make a SEO friendly domain name? Let us take a quick glance.


  • Using keywords in the Domain Name: These keywords have a catalytic action in a domain name
  • The Extension: Allowing a credibility boost, the .com is definitely the most popular extension for a domain name
  • Short & Catchy: Visitors to a site can easily remember and recall a short and catchy domain name. So, make sure that the domain name is a short and catchy one otherwise you can lose out on traffic.

By attracting a lot of visitors to your website, an SEO friendly domain name can work miracles for your business as heavy influx of traffic drives sales, paving the way for a successful business.

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