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Get To Know Your Webpage Domain Name Better

Domain | Admin | Updated: 2011-12-26

Get To Know Your Webpage Domain Name Better

Interested in playing a simple game? Given two options-

  • yourmainsite.com
  • yourmainsite.com/your-web-page or yourwebpage.yourmainsite.com

So, here's the question. Identify from the options the main domain name and the web page domain name. If your answer is A for main site and option B for web page domain name, then you are right! The solution can be identified by looking at the main site and any one of the pages. The point of this question is to bring to your attention, the need to properly optimize the web page domain names so that you gain the benefits of the best ranking for your pages and the site. The domain name is one of the many things that you can manipulate to ensure a higher ranking. A strong domain name will have a positive impact on your ranking. So how do you make your Web Page Domain Name to improve the visibility of your business? The following points will give you an idea:-

  • Using category names in the web page domain name will make them long and the search engines may not prefer them. So, create websites wherein the categories are only used on the actual site.
  • Getting your page ranked on top search engines like Yahoo and Google will ensure maximum traffic. You can do this by identifying the right keywords and building content based on these words. They can be then associated with the web page domain name.
  • Web page domain name allows you the freedom to use long names with adequate dashes in between words. This enables you to get high ranks.

The right web page domain name will ensure you a higher rank depending on the keyword utilization. Add to this optimized content and you can be assured that people can easily find you. The main motive is to identifying the right domain name and this will flag off a smooth online journey.

2 thoughts on "Get To Know Your Webpage Domain Name Better"

  • Jim
    28 December, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Awesome post! The information is great keep it up.


  • Nick
    27 December, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Thanks for post such a very useful and very lovely post.....


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