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Google Introduces Home Shopping Facility To YouTube

Google Update | Admin | Updated: 2013-06-24

Google Introduces Home Shopping Facility To YouTube

From radio to television to computers, advertising seems to have finally come of age. Almost everybody is familiar with YouTube - the popular video sharing site, today. Even those who are not tech savvy enough would surely have logged on to YouTube at one point or the other; maybe to watch the latest music video, or to learn how to play an instrument, etc.

Owing to the phenomenal popularity of YouTube all across the world, advertisers have long used this medium for promoting their products/services on a global scale. Those who make regular use of YouTube must surely have noticed the clickable ads inside the YouTube Videos. The use of YouTube for product promotion through these clickable ads is almost as old as YouTube itself. Google has gone one step forward & introduced Home Shopping Facility to YouTube. Now businesses can not only use YouTube for marketing, but for directly selling to the consumers also. With this step, YouTube ecommerce has been taken to a whole new dimension altogether.

If the success of Home shopping channels on television is any indication, this move by Google is all set to make new records. Now the buyers can simply proceed from watching an infomercial to making a purchase via YouTube. All this is possible with the help of a new channel gadget which allows used to buy products through YouTube.

This revolutionary gadget allows the users to check the availability of products, browse through the list of retailers who offer these products, make price comparisons & finally make a purchase. The move from simply browsing to buying is quite seamless. With consumers now having the home shopping facility on YouTube, shopping became more convenient than ever.

The whole process of shopping just got shortened as from watching the demo videos on YouTube, the consumer can directly move on to make an online purchase after getting all the information. This is a faster, more efficient as well as convenient way of shopping as compared to other alternatives. For tech savvy shopaholics around the world, the Home Shopping facility introduced by Google is good news indeed.

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