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Everything You Need To Know About Googles New Ad Layout

Google Update | Admin | Updated: 2017-02-16

Everything You Need To Know About Googles New Ad Layout

Browsing through Google for my next blog, I was confused to see paid ads covering the top and bottom of my result page instead of the usual right side bars. Almost all the queries I searched, the result page showed the same format. Courtesy of my inquisitive nature and my anxiousness to know about this new change, I searched for it on Google. Google had actually changed its ad layout; and this change was not a sudden one as I was expecting it to be. That said; here's a detailed analysis of everything that I found out about this new layout change and how it could affect your business too.
What Are The New Changes With so many people talking about the new ad-layout, the main question that baffles most of the marketers is, What Are The New Changes. While many of them have got a clear insight on the changes, others are still confused. To clear the air, here are the two changes that took place with the new ad layout launched by Google.

  • Right-Hand Side Ads Erased :-Yes, the ads that were seen on the right hand side of the search engine result page would no longer be visible. This space, which was earlier reserved for paid ads, would now be left empty. Google made this enormous change courtesy to some of the researches that proved that people usually neglect the ads on the right hand side. To add to that, this move was also made to optimize the SERP for mobile devices. Right side ads don't fit the mobile screens so the removal was important as most of the users have now become more mobile friendly.
  • More Paid Ads On The Top And Bottom :- With the removal of ads from the right hand side, Google has shifted all these ads on top of the organic search. Four, instead of three, highly commercial queries or searches would now appear on top of the search result page, pushing the organic search results downwards. In addition to that, there are a number of ads that have taken up space below as well. At the end of each search, which is related to commercial queries, you will now see as many as 3 ads with this new ad layout of Google.

The Impact On Organic Traffic With the removal of ads from the right side of the search result page, and more and more ads being added on top of the organic searches, the marketers using organic search have become all the more confused. In order to hold the position in the organic search, people are keeping a check on their SERP ranking that may be falling down. They are, in fact, using more SEO tactics to increase their ranking on Google.
SEO Tips To Adjust To The New Layout With so many changes being introduced by the Google2s new ad layout, marketers are now looking to increase their SERP ranking using various SEO tactics. With the paid ads taking up the top four and last three search results, the space for organic search results has shrunk. You would now have to make your content more SEO-friendly with additional tactics. Here's what you should do to make it stay in the long run and adjust to the new ad layout.

  • Better Keyword Research :-Researching the key'word is one of the first and most important things while delivering any type of content. But with the new ad layout launched by Google and the top and bottom results reserved for paid ads, searching the right keyword has become indispensable. You need to research the keywords that are used in highly commercial queries. The trick for higher SEO ranking is to try and avoid using these terms as the keyword so that you do not have to face competition from the paid ads. Use other keywords that are searched but not a part of this category to get more chances of appearing on the search result page. You should also try to incorporate as much as long-tail keywords as possible as they are still gaining better SERP ranking.
  • Improved Content :-Writing a unique content is another way to increase your SERP ranking. Content should be improvised according to the keywords to gain higher ranking after the new layout. It is important that you take a look at your content and optimize it according to the SEO needs.

These were some of the important things that you should know about the new Google's ad layout. All the important topics like the changes made to the layout, its impact on the organic traffic and how to adjust with this new layout to get more ranking have been discussed above. Draft a nice marketing plan to retain your organic traffic without getting pushed down.

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  • Reseau Solutions SL Inc
    08 May, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Thanks for sharing an informative article about googles new ad layout. It's very important to know about Google's new layout for anyone who wants to add your business to Google. and you have mentioned SEO Tips that is very important for the ad on google. Keyword research and good content is also most important part of SEO.


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