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Google Analytics Introduces Trash Can Feature For Recovering Deleted Data

Google Update | Admin | Updated: 2015-01-30

Google Analytics Introduces Trash  Can Feature For Recovering Deleted Data

As the famous saying goes Mistake is the first step of success. The saying holds true because mistakes are considered to be the stepping stones towards success and offer a valuable lesson. We all make mistakes and in this age of technology, a mistaken click could cause irrevocable damage. You could accidentally delete some crucial data with one poorly timed slip of your finger. But there is good news for all the souls who have done this dreadful mistake. Google Analytics is introducing Trash Can feature, which will allow users to retrieve deleted data.

Trash Can to the rescue

Trash Can feature help users to retrieve deleted properties, views and accounts within 35 days of the fatal click. This handy little feature could have saved people a lot of stress. Many people end up accidently deleting important data they have worked on for months. It is here that Trash Can comes to your rescue. This tool is a big relief for Internet marketing and SEO experts who are often found brainstorming for ideas to salvage deleted data.

How it works

To experience the benefits of Trash Can feature go to the Administration tab, select an account, and click the Trash Can feature, which appears on the left-hand panel. Once you have done this, check off the data you want to recover and click the Restore button. This simple click brings back everything to normal.

Limitations of Trash Can

The holy tool can help to retrieve lost data only up to 35 days. After 35 days, the data is lost forever.
Indeed Trash Can is a recovery feature for Google Analytics. It simply implies that a user will no longer have to worry about losing data. The accidently deleted data/ views/ accounts will be safely saved by Trash Can in a recovery folder.
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