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Importance of Web Analytics

Google Update | Admin | Last Updated: 2013-07-01

Importance of Web Analytics

Web Analytics Programs are of immense importance and serve as a source to a lot of valuable marketing data. Employing the right Web Analytics tools, businesses can get insights on how to remove the existing flaws, how to upgrade, how to expand and how to maximize ROI. Broadly, there are four categories of metrics that impact your business. They are discussed below along with the way Web Analytics is valuable to gauge them.

Determining Website Usability

Whether your website is serving the right content to the targeted visitors can be gauged by a number of Web Analytics that include Page Views, Time on Site, Downloads, Click Map, Click Paths, etc. For example, low Page Views per visitor indicates there is something with design, structure or marketing message of your website.

Identifying Traffic Sources

Referral Websites, Search Engines and other Online or Offline Campaigns may be the sources from where majority of your website traffic originates. Web Analytics are very valuable in identifying which of these is the most prominent source of your web traffic. Thus, you will be able to strategize better for drawing in more traffic from the particular source or from even other sources.

An Insight Into Visitor Profiles

With the help of Web Analytics, you can get an insight into valuable visitor profiles. For example, the keywords visitors used to reach to your website, whether your traffic has geography specific origination, etc. are crucial piece of information. You can utilize such data to optimize your website for search engines; to prepare strategies especially for geo-targeted campaigns, etc.

Maintaining Conversion Statistics

Web Analytics furnish all the data regarding New Visitors, Returning Visitors, Leads, Sales/Conversion and Exit Rates. This information is again vital for planning online and offline campaigns for promoting your business. You can maintain statistics of frequent visitors to your website and come up with offerings that are relevant for them and at the same time profitable for you. Thus, measuring the traffic on your website is really very important and can be useful in more than one way. It's advisable you turn to advance Web Analytics to match the pace of changing technologies and practices in the world of e-commerce. Request a Free Quote

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