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Googles Warning Feature About Flash Sites To Go International

Google Update | Admin | Updated: 2014-10-15

Googles Warning Feature About Flash Sites To Go International

In todays fast paced life, smart phones have become an important medium for users for solving all their queries. Most people today stick to their mobile phones when it comes to searching any information on the internet. Thus, it is of utmost importance that all business make their websites mobile friendly. This makes sure that the online businesses are not missing out on a large pool of visitors that prefer to use their mobiles to access the web.

While most businesses have made necessary updates in their websites to make them compatible for mobile platforms, some of them are still not suitable for mobile devices. Google has come up with a new feature for its search results that targets such incompatible websites. The feature will issue warnings to visitors in case they come across websites that have heavy flash content and are not suitable for mobile viewing.

Some quick facts about this feature are given below :-

  • This feature was launched by Google earlier this year only in the U.S. but according to its latest announcement, the feature would be expanded for search results outside of the U.S as well.
  • The major reason behind this feature is that Google wants to push all the website owners to make their websites mobile friendly.
  • The websites that do not work properly on Android software or Apples IOS are the ones to be affected the most.
  • Earlier when a user used to search a website, the snippet used to describe the main information of the website. But now, the snippet would display a warning message for the users stating that the website uses flash and would not work properly on mobiles.

When users see the warning messages they would switch to other websites. This directly means that the websites that are not mobile friendly would face a sudden drop in their traffic.Most users want to visit websites through their smart phones or tablets. With Googles new feature, users would get a prior warning regarding websites that would not work properly on their phones, and thus save their precious time. Hire a Professional Mobile Web Designing Company because Mobile compatible websites are the need of the hour.

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