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Google's Blocked Resources Report and Updated Fetch & Render Tool

Google Update | Admin | Last Updated: 2015-03-26

Google's Blocked Resources Report and Updated Fetch & Render Tool

Webmasters! There is a bit of news for you guys! Google has lately announced that it has incorporated a new report in the mighty Google Webmaster Tools. The report would make it possible for the webmasters to discover CSS and graphics. With the aid of the report webmasters can also discover JavaScript, which blocked GoogleBot cannot make it to. Google has also come up with an updated Fetch & Render Tool. Please read to get useful insights about Google's Blocked Resources Report and Updated Fetch & Render Tool.

Blocked Resources Report Stating more elaborately, Blocked Resources Report aids the webmasters to get information about various JavaScripts, images, CSS etc. that are blocked from Google. Via the report webmasters can apprise themselves about the various hosts that are being blocked. Simply by making clicks on the rows, webmasters can have with them a whole inventory of blocked resources present in the hosts.
The deeper clicks would take webmasters to the pages, which have contributed to embedding of blocked resources. Eventually, webmasters would be following a series of steps to diagnose and resolve as stated by John Mueller of Google.

Updated Fetch & Render Tool The Evolution of World Wide Web has lead to all sort of tools. The Fetch & Render Tool was always meant to display to the webmasters how page is seen by Google. The updated Fetch & Render Tool would show to the webmasters the way this search engine sees a page and how visitors see the same page. It is done side by side.
According to Google, when a request for fetching URL and rendering is made, the search engine comes up with screenshots, which are rendered as user/visitor and Googlebot. The whole thing helps to identify various issues that make the Googlebot to see pages differently.
No matter what was Google Webmaster Previous Update, these days all webmasters want to know about Google's Blocked Resources Report and Updated Fetch & Render Tool. Hope this blog provided the readers useful information! Already many have gone through this report called Blocked Resources Report. Those who didn't know about it, they too know now; this write-up has provided needed information.
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