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The Need For Web Analytics Services

Google Update | Admin | Updated: 2013-11-14

The Need For Web Analytics Services

A strong online presence is very important for businesses to survive and thrive in this competitive age. The dramatic expansion of e-commerce platforms suggest that the very notion has been acknowledged and steps been taken in the direction. But what are the indicators to establish whether a business has really a strong online presence? Is it possible to rate the performance of a website, and if yes, then how? Web Analytics is the answer to such queries.

What Is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics- the jargon may sound a bit intimidating to lay man but actually it is not. It is a process to measure, collect, analyze and report website traffic so that the site can be optimized for users and search engines alike, eventually promoting the business. Companies proving SEO Services in India now emphasize on including Web Analytics Services in their package for they know the importance of doing so.

How Can Web Analytics Help?

Web Analytic Tools can track complete activity on a particular website. They can be used to find out how many visitors does a website attract, what is the path visitors follow, what users like or dislike on a webpage, and many more details. Eventually such information can be used to modify the website for better user experience.This is will increase traffic and contribute to lead generation.

Web Analytics Tools

A wide range of Web Analytics Applications is available in the market; few of them are free while others need to be paid for. Programs like Google Analytics and Yahoo! Web Analytics are examples of free Web Analytics Tools and are ideal for small and mid size businesses. Web Analytic Tools are capable of furnishing information such as visitors, page views, referring sites, bounce rate, search keywords and phrases used, etc.

Web Analytics is still in nascent stage, and web users, especially web-based businesses need to be educated about it. With a complete insight about the website traffic, it will be much easier for the businesses to improve their websites and give a boost to their sales. It wont be an exaggeration to say that Web Analytics is the modern way of knowing what the visitors want to browse and buy. Request a Free Quote

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