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How to Recover from Panda 4.1 Penalty and Double Your Organic Traffic

Google Update | Admin | Updated: 2014-10-08

How to Recover from Panda 4.1 Penalty and Double Your Organic Traffic

With the purpose of preventing cluttering of poor content on the internet, Google has announced the launch of Panda 4.1. Internet is bombarded with poor content, to negate this issue Panda 4.1 came into being. It is a filter which is specifically dedicated to penalize low quality content and also works to prevent its high ranking. The sudden release of this update drastically affected the SEO industry smashing the ranking of countless online marketers.

Targets of Panda 4.1

  • As per Google, Panda 4.1 aims to target low quality sites with
  • Irrelevant content
  • Plagiarized content
  • Poor site speed
  • Poor navigation

Understand the significance of worthwhile content Hire Content Writing Company and don't let your website ranking suffer.Panda 4.1 is specifically designed to differentiate between high-quality content and irrelevant content. This latest Google algorithm has been launched to offer more preference to reliable content as compared to irrelevant or bogus content on the internet. Google Panda 4.1 primarily focuses on the task of letting valuable information and content precede useless content.

How to recover from Panda 4.1 Penalty?

If your site has also become the victim of this latest Google algorithm, you can follow a few steps to resolve it. There are numerous ways in which you can recover and attain high ranking on the internet. In order to improve your ranking, you must follow few steps mentioned below

  • Create dynamic content- make sure the content you are including carries additional value for the readers.
  • Get rid of stale content- if your website possesses stale or outdated content, its better to get rid of it.

Avoid Duplicate content- Do not copy-paste content from various other sources; the piece of content created by you should be original.To dodge upcoming potential penalties or risks from Google algorithms, keep in mind the above mentioned rules.

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