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What To Do About Duplicate Content For Maintaining Better Search Ranking

Content Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2014-04-07

What To Do About Duplicate Content For Maintaining Better Search Ranking

what-to-do-about-duplicate-content-for-maintaining-better-search-ranking-wi Duplicate content can simply be understood as the set of information that is present in more than one web page on the Internet. It becomes difficult for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to determine which description is more relevant to the search query when several pieces of similar content appear on the Internet. In such case, the search engines might prevent your website from appearing on their search results. And with low search ranking, your website is sure to lose traffic. In order to ensure that your search ranking does not get affected due to duplicate content, you need to undertake effective measures.
What To Do About Duplicate Content For Maintaining Better Search Ranking? The first and foremost measure is to avoid creating the Duplicate Content in the first place. However, if you've already confronted this issue, you must consider the following points:

  • Apply Permanent Redirects You can use the permanent redirects. For instance, 301 Redirect notifies the search engine spiders about the permanent redirection of the page, and thus they replace the old URL with new on their index.

  • Consistently Link To The Index Pages There might be more than two ways to go to the home page of a website, but in order to direct the search engines, you will have to choose one particular method and then use it consistently.
  • Use Noindex For The Syndicated Content The experts who use your syndicated content should be asked to incorporate Noindex Meta Tag for the piece of information. This way, the duplicate content would not be integrated in the search engine indexes.
  • Generate More Unique Content More often than not, websites such as affiliate websites can do with duplicate content on every page. However, this must be avoided for all kinds of websites irrespective of the kinds of products or services they talk about. Unique content must be generated for websites in order to avoid the duplication and get better search ranking. Website owners can also avail Content Writing Services for generating unique content for their websites.

After considering and inducing the above-mentioned points, you can effectively lessen the overload of duplicate information on the search engines and thus help your website to maintain better search ranking. Request a Free Quote

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