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The Changing Face Of Digital Mobile Marketing WhatsApp Marketing

Digital Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2014-06-26

The Changing Face Of Digital Mobile Marketing WhatsApp Marketing

From a casual What's up? to sharing photos and talking to our near and dear ones, we have all used WhatsApp at some point of time or other. Today, millions of users around the globe use WhatsApp to communicate. In fact, there are around 25000 photos shared every minute on WhatsApp. Now that is some stat! Isn't it?

Reports indicate that many users are substituting their time spent on Facebook with messaging services like WhatsApp; it is due to this growing popularity of WhatsApp, that many Digital Marketers are today using it as a new tool for online marketing.

Hidden Facts Of WhatsApp Marketing

There was a huge speculation in the market as to why Facebook spent millions of dollars to buy an application made on open-source platform, more so, when it was completely ad-free! However, the main reason behind the acquisition was the use of WhatsApp as a new marketing tool.
Since, today, many users are on WhatsApp on a regular basis, thus, unlike ads on Twitter or Facebook, advertisements on WhatsApp catch more eyeballs.

Features That Make WhatsApp A Perfect Option For Digital Mobile Marketing

  • Global Accessibility: WhatsApp gives its user the ability to advertise a product or service internationally and on a global stage. With WhatsApp you can reach new markets or area across the globe.
  • Easy To Use: With WhatsApp, Bulk Messages can be sent without the need of any additional SIM Card Top Cup or Cash Value exchange.
  • Greater Mobility: By reaching consumers through WhatsApp you can connect with them anywhere and anytime via internet connectivity through mobile network.
  • Save Money: Yet another important benefit of WhatsApp is that, it is far cheaper than SMS marketing. Unlike SMS, you do not need to pay per message delivered with Whatsapp.
  • Immediate Reply: When you send a message through WhatsApp, you may receive immediate and instant reply from potential customers.

Still Not Convinced?

Still not sure if WhatsApp Market would work for you? Well! We advise you to choose a Professional Internet Marketing Company and try out their Whatsapp Digital Marketing. No matter what your country is, you can gauge the results by yourselves. Request a Free Quote

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