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6 Most Effective Ways To Generate Free Traffic

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2017-11-20

6 Most Effective Ways To Generate Free Traffic

Whether it is search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing or email marketing, the sole purpose of every marketing strategy is to generate high traffic and increase conversion. More often than not, generating traffic requires huge financial investment and can even create a big hole in your pocket. While established businesses have a big budget dedicated to traffic generation and can easily depend on the paid mediums, many entrepreneurs and small -sized businesses, running on a shoe-string budget, struggle to get enough funds to promote their business for high traffic generation. In this blog post, I have discussed some of the most effective ways to generate free traffic to your website. Give them a thorough read and incorporate them into your marketing strategy to see traffic flowing on your website in weeks.

Keep Uploading On SlideShare

With an Alexa rank of 174 and 60 million visitors per month, SlideShare should not be overlooked if you are planning to get high traffic and that too for free. There are many ways for you to target your niche audience through SlideShare. You can insert your homepage URL on the slide (shortened URLs work best), promote your SlideShare PPTs on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., share with the email list of subscribers and even enable the users to share the presentations for generating higher traffic. Make sure that your presentation is appealing, attention-grabbing, well-designed, and informative and most importantly has the relevant keywords to rank better.

Get Started With Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, which was thought to be dying by the end of 2015 because of useless content published for linking, has gained momentum this year. More than linking, guest blogging is about getting traffic benefits from that site. Writing compelling blog content for a high ranking website of your niche would not only boost your ranking but also introduce your content to a completely new audience and create a steady flow of traffic to your website for free. Know the high ranking sites or influencers of your industry and connect with them on various social networking sites. Find the right time and pitch them your blog idea and write content that is not just at par with their existing content but is ten times better than it. Getting started with guest blogging is certainly a great way to invite more free traffic to your website.

Start Commenting On Various Posts

Neil Patel, the marketing influencer, connected with authority sites like Kissmetrics, QuickSprout, and Crazy Eggs, generated around $25,000 with the help of just 249 comments. Commenting on various blog posts is one of the greatest ways to engage and interact with your niche audience. You need to find the websites that are relevant to your business and post blogs related to your content. By sharing insightful thoughts in the comment section, you will be doing free online promotion and redirecting the user of that website to yours in no time. Quality and relevance is the key to get high free traffic targeted to your website through commenting on industrial sites.

Measure & Analyze Content Marketing Results

An effective content marketing strategy requires constant measuring and analyzing to ensure the success of your efforts. In content marketing, What gets measured, gets managed, and you need to measure your success to ensure your efforts are targeted at the right audience. There are various free tools like Google Analytics that can help you in this venture. Metrics like unique visitors, pageviews, bounce rate, traffic demographics etc., should be checked every now and then to understand the user behavior and know what type of content is working for them. By updating the existing content and posting more of the engaging content, you can easily grow your free traffic.

Publish Influencer Interviews

Another effective way to get your niche audience flowing to your site is to publish influencer interviews. The audience is always keen on knowing more about the lives and success stories of the industry influencers or thought leaders. Connect with the industry influencers or thought leaders on various social networking sites and send emails requesting for interviews. By getting them to exclusively interview for your website, you can publish it on your site to get user engagement. Moreover, the thought leader or influencer you are interviewing would also probably share your content on his/her online page, thus furthering your reach.

Interact On Q&A Sites

The top Question & Answer sites like Quora can be a great way to boost your incoming traffic. With 80 million monthly unique visits on Quora, you can easily target your niche audience by sharing useful insights on the platform. The answers you post on the site should be informative and have a relevant link back to your website to direct the audience to a treasure of information. Your bio on Quora should also have a link back to your website along with serving a number of categories that serve your business purpose. A powerful and information-rich Quora feed with relevant keywords is a great way to get high ranking and a steady traffic for months and years. In the end, it all boils down to finding where your potential users hang-out and giving them reasons to visit your website. Understanding the user behavior and creating a buyer persona are the first few steps towards generating free traffic to your website. Know your audience and create content that would compel them to visit again and again. The tactics discussed above are a great way to understand where you can target your potential user and generate free traffic in return

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