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How to Invite More Traffic by Guest Blogging?

Search Engine Optimization | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2015-08-07

How to Invite More Traffic by Guest Blogging?

High traffic on a road is a trouble but on the internet its a treasure, where everyone needs more and more of it. At the same time, getting more traffic is possibly the most complex and dynamic challenge for the players of the virtual world. The latest card these players are playing to widen the prospects for more traffic is Guest Blogging.
Higher traffic, reach to undiscovered relevant audience, stronger network, quality backlinks and improved SEO rank, all this, without a hefty budget on promotion, is what Guest Blogging can do for you. In guest blogging, you publish your blog on someone else's Blog Site or get someone else to post their work on yours.

How Can You Get More Traffic By Inviting Guest Bloggers On Your Blog Site?

  • Inviting bloggers to your website or blog page and allowing them to publish their contents significantly adds traffic to your website. Actually, when a blogger publishes content on your website it opens two ways to get traffic:
  • First, your Blog Site gets an access to their social network. When someone writes on your Blog Site, they promote their article through their social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc. By this way, your Blog Site gains popularity in someone else's social network too. It connects you to a total new audience.
  • Second, it lengthens the size and range of your content. Your website gets content enrichment without much investment of time and money. The additional content that has been posted on your Blog serves variety to your readers. Moreover, with the referral from happy readers, you can get more readers.

When you are the Guest in Guest Blogging

The Idea of dedicating your time and efforts in writing quality content for someone else's web page may sound vague until you know that Guest Blogging on someone else's blog site allows you to put back links in your content that take the readers to your own page. See how this helps to get more traffic for your website.
Backlinks from a reputed platform may earn you traffic and improved SEO ranking as a bonus. These backlinks bridge the gap between you and the people hidden in sea of internet may be interested in your offers. With backlinks from a guest blogging website you get:

  • Share from loyal audience base audience Guest Blogging Platform.
  • Increased reach and size of relevant audiences. This may not happen with few initial blog posts, but eventually readers will recognize your name and start trusting you, resulting in an enlarged loyal audience.
  • Association with esteemed bloggers which eventually counts in your online reputation, for readers and spiders both

.Apart from backlinks, with Guest Blogging you get the opportunity to claim your expertise on multiple platforms.
To conclude, Guest Blogging is indeed a win-win deal for all. The only concern is to do it right, with right people and platforms. For an author, it's important to identify the right Guest Blogging platforms to get relevant audience. Also, the authority of such platforms should be duly checked before you proceed further. At the same time, for a blog owner, stringent filtration of the author, topic and content is a must, before allowing content publishing on your website.

1 thoughts on "How to Invite More Traffic by Guest Blogging?"

  • Sonia Pitt
    17 September, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    Guest blogging is surely good and effective for the publisher website as well as for the guest blogger. The only thing which needs to be taken care of is the quality off the content.


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