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5 Content Marketing Ideas To Succeed In 2019

Content Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-02-04

5 Content Marketing Ideas To Succeed In 2019

With content marketing becoming marketing itself, the core focus of brands has shifted from other tactics to delivering content that attracts, engages, entertains, and ranks high on search engine result pages. This is the tool which paves way for a two-way conversation with the audience and ensures that the reader takes information while also leaving something behind for the marketers to cherish. The data generated by the audience behavior through content marketing can be aptly used for optimizing and boosting the conversion rates, and in turn, the overall sales of the brand. If you are also planning to invest more resources on content marketing this year to gain its countless profits, here are some content marketing ideas that you can share with your creative or web content developers to succeed in 2019.

  • Consistency Is the Key The core content marketing idea that can help you stand out in the noises created by the content published every second is consistency. Whether we talk about consistency in your content quality or consistency in posting the content or consistency in the type of content being posted, it is consistency that will bring your readers back to your page. The content marketers are focusing more on delivering high-quality content at regular intervals of time without any delay to ensure they are catering to the expectations of their target audience. Commitment to content marketing is the key to succeed in the industry, even the least successful companies are at least 46% committed to their content. With the audience being bombarded with different types of content each second, it is important to make your platform that place where they can rely on to find quality content at a speculated time.
  • Build Credibility With influencers and micro-influencer marketing being the top digital marketing trends of 2019, credibility seems to be the top factor influencing the audience. Building credibility and becoming a trusted source of information can help the content creators in bringing the audience back for better content. The first thing that brands need to focus on while delivering content is to ensure that their audience trusts and relies on them as a credible source. There are a number of ways that one can use to build this credibility.

A great way is to post content at regular intervals with scheduling. The statistics mentioned in any of the content should be sourced, i.e., through hyperlinking the source or mentioning the source at the end

  • Add high-quality content that is flawless and rich in information
  • Get influencers or micro influencers to promote your content
  • Maintain a single brand voice that would set you apart
  • Offer the best answer to the question or topic mentioned in the title

Document Your Strategy

The next key idea that can help you succeed in 2019 is documentation. Around 65% of the leading content marketers have documented their content marketing strategy and this has been very pivotal in their success. Documenting the content strategy empowers the content creators to keep a track of the content they've created and how it has performed in the online ecosystem. While measuring the success of the content would come towards the end of the content journey, documenting the content strategy also enables the marketers to plan ahead of what type of content to create, when to deliver, how to promote it online, what type of content to publish on which distribution channel, etc. The documentation of this content strategy can also be aligned with the goals to make it easier to determine the type of content to be created and what benefits it will yield.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has brought in a revolution in the digital marketing arena and content has not been any stranger to this evolution. The most powerful content marketing ideas to not just soar high in the present content marketing atmosphere but also gain an edge over the competitors in the future is to embrace Artificial Intelligence in your content strategies. Whether it is about researching keywords for your content, analyzing the current trends and trending topics, or even planning for the creation or publication of blog posts, Artificial Intelligence can help you become smarter in this competitive world. There are many tools driven by Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning that can also empower you with the power to analyze your write-ups and measure the success if your efforts. You can use these tools to access and study the data generated by the reading and engagement behavior of the audience. In fact, Artificial Intelligence can also be used to offer personalized reading experience to the readers after gathering data regarding their information and their interests.

Go Bold With Videos

One of the most talked-about content forms in 2018 has been video content. Whether used for engagement, awareness, promotion or education, video content would continue to reign in 2019 as well. The best content marketing idea that any content guru would share with the marketers would be to go bold and front foot with video content. Here are some of the different types of video contents that can be created to succeed in 2019:

  • Live Videos: Live videos from events, presentations, product launch, promotional event, etc.
  • Customer Videos: Social proof from customers who have used your product/ service
  • Round-Up Videos: The best x in y videos or top number listing videos
  • 360? Videos: Videos of company tour, team interactions, etc., to talk about your company culture
  • BTS Videos: Behind the scene videos of product manufacturing to create anxiousness for it
  • Influencer Interview: Interviews or interaction videos with any industry influencer, educationist, etc.
  • Product Explainers: How to videos of your products to educate the audience of the same

These are some of the top content marketing ideas that can help any marketer succeed in 2019. By incorporating these content ideas into your marketing strategy throughout the year, you can definitely get your name etched among the top performing companies in the online ecosystem.

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    27 May, 2019 at 10:54 am

    Great information. They are incorporating various content marketing ideas to succeed in 2019.


  • Ordius IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    12 February, 2019 at 7:19 am

    Thanks a lot of sharing a great knowledge about content . That's a right thing about content, quality content is really king of any website.


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