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4 Ways Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Content Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 2018-06-06

4 Ways Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

A recent study pointed that content marketing, while costing 62% less than any other form of marketing, generates three times more leads for any business. No wonder, 90% of all organizations invest over 25% of their marketing budget on content marketing. These organizations are leaving no stone unturned in designing fool-proof content marketing strategies. They are consistently creating and distributing contents that can engage their audiences however the success of content marketing also depends on some other factors and web design is one of the crucial ones amongst them. Content marketing efforts can be fruitful only if the content they generate is easily accessible, has an aesthetically appealing presentation, is readable and tidy and is backed by catchy visuals. After all catching the attention of visitors, whose attention span has become shorter than a goldfish, isn't a simple task. This is where the web design comes into play. The design of the website grasps the attention of the visitors and makes the content visually pleasing, easily accessible, readable, and engaging. It not only impacts how the visitors perceive the brand but also directly impacts the conversion and dwell time of the visitors coming there to read the content. Let's give a thorough read to the four major ways in which web design impacts content marketing.
1. Eases Content Accessibility
No matter how good your content is, it wouldn't yield positive results if it is not easily accessible by your site visitors. Website designed with an intuitive navigation ensures that the visitors reach each and every page without putting in a lot of efforts. Hamburger menus and drop-down menus have replaced the traditional styles and enable the visitor to access each and every page on the website with ease. Compelling the visitors to go through several irrelevant pages to access the information they were looking for might just make them skip the site and turn towards competitors for content.
Include fixed elements like hamburger menus, drop-down menus and search bars on top of each page to enable visitors to reach any content category and page in just a single click. It should also include a sitemap so that visitors directed to your site through content marketing can find what they are looking for in a single go.
2. Enhances The Aesthetic Appeal Of Content
Web design has a critical role to play in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the content as well as the site. A website that has to frequently update the contents needs to be designed in a manner that presents tidy and aesthetically appealing layout of loads of posts. The content should not look scattered everywhere. Users coming to read content might get dissuaded with a large chunk of inconsistently placed content. They would certainly not like to scroll through a page that is badly designed.
It should be neatly spaced with enough white space for breathing and have well-segmented boxes or borders for content placement to avoid a messed-up look. The web design should also have a visual hierarchy to lead the visitors eyes to the most important segment and also offer ease of searching content throughout the website.
3. Enriches The Experience While Reading
Web design is not just about the placement of different elements on the website, it is also about the color scheme and typography on the website. These elements directly impact the readability and thus the experience that any user has while reading the content. The readability of the content depends a lot on the font type, font size, color combination, depth, and type consistency. Users diverted to the site through content marketing efforts might simply turn away if they experience any stress while reading the content.
The content on the page should be presented in a well-designed package to enrich its readability. Avoid using flashy colors, ensure that the color combination for background and the text does not clash, and be consistent with the font size for headers/content body to boost readability of the content. To engage visitors, web designers can also include rebellious variable typography, adventurous colors and other major web design trends for 2018. It should be as simply presented and readable as possible to ensure that your content marketing strategy is effective.
4. Engages The Visitors With Visual Elements
Web designers have the freedom to play with their creative insights and add as many visual elements as the content permits to engage the visitors. Visual elements like images, videos, infographics, animations, GIFs etc., can be a great way to increase the overall engagement of the visitor on the page. While content marketing efforts can bring more visitors to the page, visual elements in the web design can boost engagement by appealing the visual senses.
With 82% of web traffic predicted to come from video content by 2019, embedding video content into blogs can be a great way to boost traffic and increase conversions. Add the visual elements like images, videos, bar graphs, infographics, charts, and screenshots etc., to simplify the complex information and data and keep the readers engaged until the end.
Web design and content marketing indeed go hand in hand. Changes in the website design can have a huge impact on the content marketing efforts. Design a content-friendly website to make the most of your content marketing efforts. You can also join hands with the best content writing service providers and web designers to clutch lucrative gains from your content marketing.

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