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What Is Google Penguin

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2013-04-18

What Is Google Penguin

Google Penguin is basically the name of a Google algorithm update that was launched by the company in April 2012. This algorithm was developed in order to control the misuse of SEO techniques by websites. The launch of Google Penguin was seen as a direct attack on websites that indulged in unethical SEO practices for increasing search engine rankings. Some such Black-hat SEO practices which Google Penguin aims to curb include duplicate content submission, keyword stuffing, cloaking, spamdexing, & so on.

Google Penguin Vs Google Panda

  • While the Google Penguin is all about undermining the efforts of people indulging in questionable SEO tactics, Google Panda targets websites that provide low quality content. Google Panda was all about penalizing websites that offered poor content by decreasing their search engine rankings.
  • While Google Panda is limited to the USA, Google Penguin is applicable to countries worldwide.
  • Google Penguin ultimately aims to control spamming & to promote natural links, while Google Panda aims to promote good and useful content on websites. The goal is stop people from indulging in tricks & tactics to lure users to websites with useless/irrelevant content rather focus on providing a good user experience by offering relevant & unique information.

Google Penguin - How It Has Affected Article Submission

Google Penguin has also had an impact on Article Marketing. There are some things that a website needs to ensure so as to avoid being down-ranked by Google Penguin.

  • Backlinks - If the Backlinks (all or most) on a webpage are from the same source, the website is sure to be penalized. To avoid this, it is to be ensured that the Backlinks belong to a variety of sources.
  • Landing Page - Google Penguin also down ranks websites where only a single page is promoted. To avoid this, it is best if websites promote multiple web pages together with Backlinks.
  • Anchor Text - Google Penguin is all about improving user experience & so it promotes content where there is variety in anchor text. Informative anchor text is also very essential. Informative Anchor Text refers to those anchor text that gives a brief idea about the landing pages where the user is being forwarded.

In the end, Google Penguin emphasizes on improving the overall user experience. Request a Free Quote

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