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Top 6 Things Every Small Business Website Must Have in 2011

Digital Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-07-18

Top 6 Things Every Small Business Website Must Have in 2011

Online promotion of the business is the smart thing to do for every small business because it offers great visibility and tremendous opportunities to promote the business. Websites are the easiest and most cost effective way of staying in touch with a large number of customers. However, there are certain things that the small businesses must keep in mind while getting their websites designed. There are certain elements which are very crucial for the website to have, in order to increase its interactivity and proximity with the users. These are listed here:

  • Search Engine Optimization

Most of the people use search engines to find web content. It therefore becomes very important to go for SEO in order to make your website easily accessible to the people. For small businesses it is all the more important to go for promotion through Local Searches and SEOs.

  • Resourceful Web Master

It is essential to have a web master who can integrate codes, knows how to select appropriate web hosting, has know-how of the programming languages & graphic design, is capable of performing successful SEO campaigns and can create neat looking graphics.

  • Blogs

Blogs provide the most effective platform for interacting with your customers as you can post your views and get responses. It is a place to tell them about industry news, future deals, discounts, products, and services and therefore build better public relations.

  • Social Media

Aligning yourself with the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will bring you in close contact with your clients and make your website more interactive. You can add a Facebook feed box to your website so that viewers can Like the products or set up a Twitter account so that the users can tweet about the products or services. Automatic LinkedIn and Twitter updates will boost your online marketing strategy & drive huge traffic to your sites

  • Videos

Videos make a website all the more attractive and provide a more convenient way for customers to learn about products and services than reading about them.

  • Mobile Sites

A site is likely to fetch more visitors if it can be viewed on the mobile phone. You can go for a mobile site with a QR code so that users can easily log on to the site through their mobile phones.

These are the six sure shot ways that can help a website of a small business get maximum visitors and hence promote the business tremendously.

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