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Tips For Selecting Color Schemes For Websites

Tips & Tutorial | Admin | Updated: 2013-01-17

Tips For Selecting Color Schemes For Websites

For those thinking of launching their business online, the decision is a smart one & much required to remain competitive today. When designing a website (or getting the website designed) selecting appropriate color schemes is very important.

Tips To Consider While Choosing Color Schemes For Websites

  • As far as possible, the color combinations used in the company logo should be used in the color scheme for the proposed website. This ensures that there is an instant connect that the visitors will feel when they open your website.
  • A good contrast is necessary to ensure that the content is legible to the visitors. Dark colored background will cause undue strain on the eyes & will put off the visitors.
  • The colors should not be overused at any cost. Though colors make the website look attractive, too many colors will confuse the visitors and take the focus away from the content.
  • It is essential to ensure that only web-smart colors are used for the website. Webs-smart colors are basically those colors that are accurately displayed on different browsers and computers. Using such colors for website designing will ensure that the website looks attractive and compelling.
  • To make the website better in terms of its readability, the important messages for the visitors can be enclosed in brightly colored text boxes. This will make it more eye- catching & attract the notice of the visitors.
  • The universally used, or to be precise the commonly used, colors for links is blue & clicked links is maroon. Since most visitors are familiar with Google (which uses this color scheme for links & clicked links), this would be a smart choice of color for the website.
  • Rather than making a mish-mash of colors on the website, it is advisable to choose a few primary colors or shades & use them consistently across the website. The same color scheme should be utilized across all the web pages to maintain consistency.
  • A smart color combination is essential as it known to regulate moods and affect temperaments, though such thinking is not supported by scientific evidence. It does add to the appeal of the website and make it more interesting for the visitors. For choosing apt color schemes, online tools like Color Scheme Designer, Adobe Kuler, ColorSuckr, ColorCombos, etc. are available.

Like a logo is important for a business as the customers associate it with the company, similarly the color scheme is also an essential consideration & should be wisely chosen. Request a Free Quote

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