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The Reasons You Should Choose Google+

Social Media Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2014-01-23

The Reasons You Should Choose Google+

Google+ is a new introduction to the world of social networking giving a tough time to the giants of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. In just a few time of its introduction, it has attracted millions of users and many new ones are joining in daily. It brings to its users a multi faceted experience such as Friend Stream, Group Chat, Online Games, Personalized Search and many more other features. Signing in to Google+ enables you to access other Google products such as Gmail, YouTube and many others.

The Reasons You Should Choose Google+

  • Google+ circle is a version of Facebook friends and twitter where you can search for friends and add them to your friend's list. But, here you can drag your contacts and put them into certain groups like friends, family, and many more. Even, those who exist on your Gmail account contact immediately get added to your Google+ circles. This feature let you to find and follow friends, companies, celebrities, politicians and other big names.
  • Google+ photos let you to share your photos, albums with your friends. You can tag your friends, get updates about it. Likewise a browser based photo editor lets you to edit photos as per your convenience.
  • Google+ hangout is a unique feature where you can chat with more than 10 friends at one and the same time. Not only this you can do video chatting and video conferencing and that too for free. You can also search for hangouts on the topic of your interest.
  • Google+ sparks is like content recommendation and search engine of Google where you can search for articles, video, photos relevant according to the topic of your search. Users can also share the content with their respective friends.
  • Hashtags is a simple way to link your own updates with an index of updates on the similar topic. It is a great way to have your updates discovered and keep a track of all the updates of your interest. Clicking on the hashtag button will take you to the index page with all the updates that have used hashtag recently.

Apart from this, you can also play online games, share events, your status updates, likes and interests. You can also check in to physical places online. So, now you know the reasons to head to Google+. Request a Free Quote

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