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Stop Using Whois Privacy?

Digital Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2010-05-27

Stop Using Whois Privacy?

For those who are not familiar with the term Whois Privacy, it means a service provided by the domain name registrars for protecting your information from the people trying to perform whois on your domains. The information about the registrant will not be revealed, instead the name and contact information of the company offering that service will be displayed. Some years ago people use to recommend whois privacy service for protecting their contact information. The privacy issues on the web have made this service a popular one, but now its better to avoid using whois if you wish to mint some good money through your online venture.

Who can and cannot use whois privacy service?

  • Only spammers and scammers have the valid reason to use whois privacy on their domains. If you are building a website just for personal use and not for establishing online business, then also its fine to use whois privacy. But, if your aim of building website is altogether different from what we discussed above then there is no need of hiding your contact information.
  • You should not use whois privacy service on your business website if you wish to develop a credible image in the market. Now days, use of such services not only reduces the reliability of your company but also hampers your business progress.

Some other prominent disadvantages of using whois privacy at your domain are:

  • It makes your website look shady

Visitors get distracted from the websites, which they found to be anonymous. First thing the prospect interested in commencing business with you will look for is your contact information. If you fail to convey that properly then the visitor may not take your recommendation seriously.

  • It prevents communication

The biggest disadvantage of Whois privacy service is that it prevents visitor to take your contact information and start a word of communication with you. Your blocked information gives the impression that you are not interested in further dealing.

  • It restricts your rights to the domain

As per the rule, the registrant listed with whois privacy service is the owner of the domain, so, if we speak technically, you are not the owner of your domain. This causes problem while transferring the domain and you have to remove the whois privacy for a secure transfer.

To summarize, its better to avoid using whois privacy, instead of getting into unwanted chaos that may hamper the growth of your online business venture.

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