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Smart Content Optimization Tricks To Prevent Silly SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-05-27

Smart Content Optimization Tricks To Prevent Silly SEO Mistakes

Content is not just the king in digital marketing, it is shaping into a constantly expanding kingdom itself. Today, each enterprise whether an SME or a global giant has brought together a strong content team to put forward its story and industry knowledge in front of the target audience. They are incorporating various content marketing ideas to succeed in 2019. A well-planned content strategy cannot just facilitate increased engaged and inflow of traffic to these companies but also drive more traffic and boost their ranking. However, not each player has been able to witness the results as expected. The main reason behind this is poor or zero content optimization that might harm the quality, engagement as well as the SEO of the site. In this write-up, we have focused on the smart content optimization tricks that can help in preventing silly SEO mistakes to yield result from the content marketing efforts.

Remove Any Duplicity

One of the biggest killers of search engine ranking is duplicity of content. This duplicity could be a result of content copied from other sites or content copied from own site and used on different pages across the website. Having similar content on different pages might confuse the search engine bots and compel them to punish your site with a lower ranking. This duplicity might not just be with the content but also with the site URLs. Having two or more URLs with just slight changes in the capitalization but linking to one page might also confuse the search bots. This would split your link equity and devalue the content.

Prevent It

For a website that has a number of web pages with similar kind of content, consolidating the pages into one or creating completely fresh and different content for both is imperative. Have all the duplicate versions of the web pages removed and ensure that if not removed, the duplicate versions have a 301 redirect to take the visitors back to the original page.

Perform Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the backbone of any content strategy and in order to rank high on search engine listings, it is imperative for any business to perform an in-depth keyword analysis. However, many digital and content marketers believe that merely adding, rather stuffing, keywords in the content could bring in the traffic that they need. But over the years, one thing that has become crystal clear is that keyword stuffing has done no benefit to any online business ever. In fact, today, every top SEO company in India is certain that not placing the keywords properly or optimizing them negatively affects the SERP ranking.

Prevent It

Performing an in-depth audit of the complete site along with analyzing competitor keyword strategy could help in finding the right set of keywords for targeting your ideal audience. Ensure that the keyword density is only 2 percent of the total content and they are strategically distributed throughout. Target low-competition keywords, include long-tail keywords, and even have LSI keywords for keywords-optimized content.

Optimize Content, Titles, Meta Description & Tags

When it comes to siflly SEO mistake, one problem that many digital marketers face is improper or poor on-site search engine optimization. On-site optimization revolves majorly around content. And there are a number of tactics that can help any online business to soar high on search engine pages ranking charts simply by improving their content and its on-site optimization. Not optimizing the content and other on-site elements can lead to poor indexing by chat bots and an even poorer experience for the visitors.

Prevent It

Keeping a tab on the quality of the content being posted on the site, the keywords included in it, the tags, titles, and everything else is indispensable. Make sure to add relevant keywords in the HTML tags, image ALT tags, titles, and meta description can help in ranking higher through content optimization.

Work On The Broken Link

Links are the path that leads traffic to your website. If the path is broken or blocked, the traffic would find itself being lost in the abyss and discard your site. Not just that, interlinking content with other content pieces on your site is one of the best ways to keep the visitors engaged with it for long. Be it through hyperlinks, direct links or CTAs, having a content that is linked to relevant and resourceful pages on the site can always keep the users engaged. Moreover, linking it to other high ranking sites can also bring in link juices that might help in getting a higher ranking on SERP pages. If these links are broken, the user might bounce off instantly.

Prevent It

There are a number of online tools and techniques that can help you identify the broken links on your site. Google Analytics, is a great way to identify broken links. Once you have identified them, analyze the reason for the broken links and work on them to reduce bounce rate.

Quality content, keywords and their density, meta tags, heading, title tags, and natural links are some of the best content optimization tricks and even considered the Google best practices to make a site rank higher. Content lies at the core of search engine optimization.

To have a sound and effective SEO strategy, optimizing the content is indispensable. Not focusing on the content strategies and quality can lead to some really silly SEO mistakes that might devalue your site and cause it to drop down from the SERP ranking. If gaining higher visibility and making it to the top of result pages is your motive, smart optimization of content should be your first step.

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