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Signs of a Fraudulent SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2013-04-11

Signs of a Fraudulent SEO Company

Market is flooded with a number of emerging players claiming to provide the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to the prospective customers. SEO has the potential to give a real thrust to a business through smart and strategic online promotion but in the only case when you zero in the right SEO Company for the job. Making the right decision may be a bit difficult at times but there are signs that raise alarm and warn you beforehand about the dubious nature of a fraudulent SEO Company. The following section throws light on some of the warning signs which should be picked up before selecting a particular SEO Company.


  • SEO Companies claiming to manipulate local search results with their virtual offices and P.O. Boxes are subject to doubt and you should maintain distance from them.
  • In case there is a requirement on the company's part to place a link on your website redirecting the user to its site, you must be wary that there is something fishy out there.
  • The practice of selling a certain number of links to the client website is indicative of fraud and you should say a big no to such companies. Here, it must be mentioned that yes links do matter but there has to be certain relevancy and strategic planning in back linking. Back linking without proper research on the client's website is of no good in improving the ranking.
  • The practice of buying links is not liked by Google and must be refrained from. Companies that claim to sell links should not be entertained.
  • SEO packages as named by various companies are of no good if not designed specifically for the needs of a particular website. SEO Companies that list their pre-configured SEO Packages are actually befooling their clients by offering something that is not the correct remedy. SEO requires evaluating the specifics of the particular website and then coming up with the solutions.

In case you find that an SEO company adopts the practices mentioned above, there are enough signs that you should start looking for an alternative. Remember, SEO is a dynamic ongoing strategy where developments and changes are quite swift. The same fact calls for you to select companies that are well established, experienced and with a proven track record in the domain. Request a Free Quote

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