How & Why Repurpose Content For New Media?


Do you know, presently, for over 63% of the marketers are searching out better ways to repurpose content?

As and when you step-in to the world of content marketing, constantly creating “great content” is the biggest challenge. But, what is the point of reinventing the wheel when you can simply add-on more to the machine. This is what the 63% of the content marketers have understood and have sincerely started working upon repurposing.


Moreover, it is also noted that the repurposed content has the capability of improving re horsepower to the machine of your content marketing. It definitely takes the content one step further and that too such rapidly, which is unimaginable building an astonishing fan-following without much of efforts from your end.


In this article, I have discussed why and how you all can repurpose your old content and stay ahead of this rat race:


  Ø Here’s Why?


  •     For Consistent Marketing Campaigns

Although variety is the spice of life, but too much of it can also destroy everything as it is rightly said, “Excess of everything is bad.” It is hard to deny that repurposed content such as thematic keywords and phrases have the ability to instill constancy and structure to the message you want to convey.


Moreover, with the aid of repurposing you can even cross-promote your great content pieces all over the different channels. Like, for example, you may link a relevant blog post or a slideshow to your YouTube video description. This will send eventually send traffic to your website where there is more probability of conversions.


  •    It Serves Diverse Audiences

It’s true that if one likes visual learning other might like reading a document. Moreover, there are some who love to read in-depth research articles and there are some who would like to speed-read the blog posts to acquire material.


It is with content repurposing that you can attract a wide number of audiences having different content preferences. For instance, if in case you have an amazing video content, you can use the script as the basis of text brochures like blog posts or downloadable PDFs. Likewise, you can also illustrate facts, figures, and statistics using data visualization and can be delivered as charts or infographics.


  •     You Will Enhance The Longevity Of The Content

One of the foremost plus points of repurposing is that you can instill life again and again into the content that already performs well. And, when you repurpose, you actually have the confidence of its results. Also, there are many potential readers who might have missed your blog post or video.


Nevertheless, with repurposing, you might fetch those readers for that content after it has been altered with an all-new media. Most of all, when you repurpose a content that is evergreen, you in a sense, expands its life cycle even further.


  •     It Saves Time And Money

One of the most significant reasons of repurposing is that it saves time as well as money. Obviously, it is very much easier and economical to convert an evergreen content into a new media than it is to start from scratch. It is common sense that repurposing will take lesser time than writing a fresh content.


With all the content that is creative, focused on a theme having a message, it not only takes half of the time that it would take to write the new content. Simply following the three R’s mantra, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, you will win the race.


    Ø Here’s How?


  • Create Infographics From Your Older Blog Posts

Wishing to grab all the eyeballs? The simple funda is to incorporate infographics! They are not anything new, but they are always eye-catching. These are informational pictures that are always the hottest online content forms. You can simply create infographics from all the super hit blogs of the past. This is how you will be more approachable to your audience.


The best part of blogging is that you have a mass of information that can be repurposed for social media. You can scan all those figurative posts and make use of the intriguing stats for social media. If in case you want to be more creative, make use of the service like ShareAsImage to zing up the info and put forth the same in the most required and shareable manner for the consumer.


  • Bring Out A Video Into A Podcast

Without a doubt, podcasts are one of the burning content marketing tools that are prevailing in today’s world. There are a large number of people who are heeding more to podcasts whilst they are driving. You can turn the evergreen entertaining videos that are buried on your YouTube channel; it’s time to create podcasts out of them.


Right from consistent marketing campaigns to save money to reach more customers or to improve the results, repurposing is endowed with a number of advantages that everyone can cherish. To enjoy staying ahead of the curve of content marketing as well as to intensify your message, give these discussed ideas a try and you will soon reap their benefits.

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