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Protect Your Venture With Online SSL Certification

Digital Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-12-19

Protect Your Venture With Online SSL Certification

The present times have been aptly termed Information Age. Now, information and data are transferred and accessed by people from all corners of the world at lightning fast speed. But along with the easy access, this has raised issues like data security and protection. Like the two sides of the coin, the digital era has led to the advent of hackers and cyber security lapses. As information is transmitted over the net in an open connection, as an Ecommerce business owner, you have every responsibility to be concerned about the security of the data! If customers have their credit card information stolen while making an online purchase at your website, it would create a bad impression and you might end up losing valuable business.
The remedy to this issue comes in the form of SSL or Secure Socket Layer. This encrypts your transaction session thus ensuring the integrity and protection of the data. Many online businesses have SSL certification for secure online transactions. A secure website has https:// or a symbol of a lock on the right corner of browser.
Now that you have become convinced about the need of the SSL certificate, read on to find out how you can obtain one for your online business.

  1. Purchase SSL certificate according to your website and security requirements. There are various sources that offer these certificates with attractive discounts on yearly and regular basis. After making the purchase, the certificates offer an online account which provides instructions and updates about them. You can also view your package and expiration date of the certificate.
  2. Next, you need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from an SSL enabled server and save the CSR to a file.
  3. Then you have to enroll for the SSL server certificate by logging onto your SSL.com account and selecting the used/ unused certificate credit and complete the procedure.

Your SSL certificate is installed on the server which processes in the background. With few simple but crucial steps like this, you can secure the future of your online business. This way, the SSL Certification protects your dream of running a successful business.

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