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Paid Traffic Versus Free Traffic! Which Is Best?

PPC Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2014-04-28

Paid Traffic Versus Free Traffic! Which Is Best?

The two most popular methods to drive visitors to a website are organic method and paid method. The organic method is a free method to lure visitors whereas the paid methods like PPC and CPV use paying options to attract online traffic. These options are not only categorized on the basis of obvious cost factor, but also on the basis of time devoted to optimize the marketing strategy. This article will showcase the fundamental difference between paid traffic and free traffic.

  • Organic SEO : Free traffic can be lured using different marketing tactics like social networking sites, blogs, article management, press releases, search engine optimization, podcasting, and forums. These promotional strategies require optimum utilization of website naturally. It includes different methods such as updating pages regularly, adding page titles, using key words, tagging the content and using H1 headlines.
  • Pros: One of the advantages of this method is it is free of cost. The beauty of this marketing strategy is it does not require anything but time and the traffic will be directed to the website. Another upside of this promotion is that SEO lasts for a long period of time.
  • Cons: The biggest advantage of free traffic is also its biggest disadvantage. The website requires time to reap the benefits. A big boost in visitors organically requires several months.
  • Paid Traffic The promotional tactic to increase the internet marketing has become a popular trend these days. Websites use several ways to do this such as PPC campaigns, social media advertising, paid directory listings, sponsorships, banner advertising, press release syndication, affiliate marketing programs and paid reviews. Paying to drive traffic to the website gives the online business a real jumpstart.
  • Pros: One of the biggest advantages of paid traffic is the faster increase in the number of viewers. Paid advertising leads to huge surge of targeted traffic to the website. This kind of marketing strategy also saves a lot of time as
  • Cons : Continuous traffic can cost a lot of money which might make it difficult to work out profits. Social media ads and campaigns can overrun the budget. It is also important to choose appropriate keywords to lure traffic.

The mode of generation of traffic depends on the resources and goals of the business. For the best results, a combination of free and paid traffic is most effective. The balanced approach is to use organic methods first and then switch to paid campaigns to give a boost to marketing activities Request a Free Quote

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