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Why The Latest Email Marketing Solution of AMP Emails is Turning Heads?

Email Marketing | Poonam | Updated: 2020-01-23

Why The Latest Email Marketing Solution of AMP Emails is Turning Heads?

Email marketing is a quite popular marketing strategy executed by many businesses these days to draw a huge number of consumers. Various email marketing solutions are seen as effective marketing tools with a simple but powerful email message. They could stir the hearts of customers into supporting the business to benefit the company.

One of the most effective and latest technologies that have raised the bar for email marketers to perform well is AMP email. This technology allows email marketers to insert the interactive elements into their emails without needing to open a new tab to visit a website, like

  • Carousels,
  • Accordions,
  • Confirmation,
  • Purchase buttons, etc.,

What is AMP for email?

AMP for email is an additional way for dealers to leverage the speed of the fast-tracked mobile pages framework. It is an influential way for developers to generate more pleasing, communicating, and actionable email experiences.

Why is it important to embed AMP in email?

  • Widens the opportunities for email usage
  • Revitalizes email technology
  • Offers a new level of personalization
  • Low competition
  • Widens the opportunities for email usage- AMP emails offer email subscribers an enhanced web-page-like experience. Email marketers can implement cooperating functions that are normally available on webpages only carousels, event invitations, confirmations, forms, accordions, replying to a comment, etc., directly in the email inbox.
  • Revitalizes email technology- This technology has refreshed the old email that started to look a bit outdated to meet modern demands. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels, now more than ever. People continue to use it worldwide. AMP email intends to refresh stagnant emails with more vibrant web-page-like content.
  • Low competition- AMP email technology is quite new and a trendy one. It will take some time to be prevalent until many marketers use it. You can jump ahead of your competitors if you have a clear idea of how to interrelate with the users, using AMP elements in your emails.

AMP Email Best Practices

  • Choose the optimum proportions- Best size of AMP email is 800px or less as any wider email can limit the content for some users with an unlimited height so users can scroll through the content.
  • Make it reflect your website- Some vendors use this email marketing solution because it is the most convenient channel for communication with brands. In simple words, AMP email is the extension of your website straight in a user's inbox. Check those AMP email elements visually correspond with those on your website. Henceforth the subscribers can take action directly in their inbox.
  • Don't overwhelm subscribers- Implement AMP components a little at a time. Try to use one or two elements at a time while you are testing AMP emails. This tool supports your content in the best and the most modern way.

AMP email examples

  • Pinterest Pinterest has all the time been an extremely visual social network, which benefits its team to create eye-catching emails. Unfortunately, before AMP for email, grabbing attention is all they could be.
  • Doodle Doodle is a website for forming surveys and set dates for summits. With AMP email technology, you can arrange polls as well as a retort to polls campaign. You can select the best time for a summit right in the email without opening a new tab.
  • Booking.com Like the above two, this one also takes advantage of AMP's dynamic content to deliver users a better experience in email. In this case, it relates to their search for lodging.

Benefits of implying these email marketing solutions:

  • It helps in boosting customer communication.
  • Best email marketing solutions ensure that you send hundreds and thousands of emails to existing and prospective clients.
  • It is done much faster and with increased reliability.
  • An email marketing solution will help you in increasing the overall impact of email newsletters.
  • Most top solutions available are automated.
  • They will help in segmenting your database as well as create smaller lists of clients based on specific aspects like industry, likes, interests, etc.
  • One of the biggest benefits of using email marketing solution is that you will be able to get an immediate response as well as action from the receiver of the e-mailers or newsletters.
  • Some of the high-end solutions also offer real-time reports.

Going for email marketing solutions a producer can have a healthy relationship with the customers, generate more sales, enhance the number of customers and address every customer in a very unique way. With weblinkindia.net you can enjoy the latest email marketing solutions.

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