Internet Marketing Trends 2012

internet-marketing-trends-2012There are rapid changes happening in technology everyday and these changes have a subsequent effect on digital marketers who have to keep pace with these changes in order to stay ahead in the rat race. So what does the year 2012 hold for internet marketers?


Shift from Computers to Smart Phones, IPads
With the focus shifting from computers to other devices like tablets, IPads and smart phones, a user’s search experience is also going through a change. With constant innovations, the search experience has undergone a completely new facelift. Internet marketers are becoming aware of this and there is going to be fierce competition between companies in trying to woo consumers.


Content Marketing
Business owners are finally waking up to fact that meaningful content is a sure shot way of attracting traffic to the company website. So content marketing is going to hit the markets in a big way. Stress is going to be on meaningful content which would find relevance with the consumer.


Google +
Google+ is going to take over the markets in a big way maybe even give a tough competition to the currently trending Facebook with more than a million users.


Social Media
More and more companies will turn to social media in order to be found by the customers. Social media will dictate to consumers where to find new products and services.


Mobile Phones
No other device has managed to capture the consumer’s imagination and interest as the mobile phone has. It has managed to stay ahead in terms of technology as well as utility. Mobile phones are all set to become the new shopping tools. Many big companies like Amazon have started coming up with apps to help the consumers have a better shopping experience and incentives to encourage this trend.


These are just some of the trends which are going to catch up in the year 2012. Companies need to keep an open eye and an open mind as well to ensure that they keep pace with the competition.


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