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The Importance of having a Documented Content Plan

Content Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2015-09-03

The Importance of having a Documented Content Plan

In the market full of rivals, it is impossible to make a presence if you are running far behind in the race. While all your competitors are coming up the with the most alluring websites filled with the engaging videos, arresting images and involving text, moving ahead without a well-defined content plan can turn out to be fatal for organization, especially if they deal in some serious content marketing. The content you post around the vast network of World Wide Web is always for a purpose and having a meaningful, goal-oriented and relevant content plan can boost your sales and help you excel among your opponents.
Before beginning with the details let's have a quick intro about what you will read further.

What is a Content Plan?

To put in the simplest word, a content plan is nothing but a blueprint of what you want to see on your website with other details about when, how, where and why you want to post it. You may find variegated definitions and meaning of the phrase Content Plan but save yourself from getting carried away, all the explanations might add volume into its scope but will lead you to the same spot.

How to Know You Have a Content Plan?

Figuring out whether your organization has a content plan is no big task. If you follow a documented strategy to post your content on the web then congrats! You have a content plan with you. But if you are still figuring out how to sum what you do or have done on the net, then you might be in an urgent need of one.

Do I Need it?

First answer this simple question Are you happy with the cost per visitor your website extracts? -No..? Okay, now this one Do you remember when did anyone post the last blog on your website? -Still no..? Are your social networking sites attracting large traffic? -.? If you are still quiet or the answer is no, then some serious planning and discussion is required to give a kick to you content marketing strategies. And to achieve this goal, a documented content plan can prove to be the best for your quest.

How to Get There?

To get a rocking content plan for your business you may seek help of various web content development experts providing Content Writing Services or try to do it your way by using some simple tips we will be more than glad to tell you.
DIY Process to Come Up With a Great Content Plan

  • Steady Start

In case, you are a new baby in the Web market, start your mission with a thorough user research while the individuals with an established website can divide their research into the two broad categories.

  • Online Research

The research will involve exploring the various platforms where similar brands are discussed to get an insight into what kind of content users seek for.

  • User Research

User Research will help to extract information using informal techniques like conducting small surveys or directly asking you known ones what they look for.

  • Content analyzing

Content analyzing would help to explore what similar brands are doing to invite traffic to their websites. This will help you understand the trends and develop an engaging content structure that will keep the users coming back.

  • Content Timing

A proper timetable for content is crucial for any firm dealing in serious content marketing practices. The schedule involves the sequence of the content releases going to take pace further.

  • Generation

Content generation is the most challenging part as it demands a combined effort from all the stakeholders involved in content development. For success, you will be required to create relevant matter that hits the right target or get the relevant people who could get the right kind of content your marketing requires.

  • Proper Distribution

No matter how good the quality of your content is, it will lose its user value if not distributed at the right place and to the right people. Distribution includes optimizing your social media presence and your search engine ratings to make the most out of the content you published.

  • Assess the Results
  • Last but not the least, analyzing the results give you an idea of what is bringing most of the users to your web site and what is still in the need of modification. The end results give you a direction to grow further.

With about 88% of content marketers indulged in content marketing, one thing is certain that in order to move ahead you've to embrace it. While there aren't any hard and fast rules written for how to market content right, the above -cited tips will definitely guide you in forming an effective content management strategy that will help your business grow.

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