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How Images Can Help to Supercharge SEO Efforts?

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2019-02-21

How Images Can Help to Supercharge SEO Efforts?

Research held back in the year 2017, revealed that as much as 87% (approx) user preferred internet to find useful information about something. Thus it becomes important to present web information bouquet in such a way that such a high volume of traffic can be tapped for better SEO promotion. And just like the other crucial web components like texts, web design, hyperlinks etc., images play a substantial role in optimizing the website for SEO. For every digital marketer or web owner, optimization of an image is quite important and cannot be overlooked as far as the success of a digital marketing campaign is concerned.

Smart use of images on the website not only helps to gain more visitors but also boosts sharing across social media platforms and eventually resulting in sales target realization. Here, you will get to learn as to how images can help you supercharge SEO efforts. So keep reading it:

Visitor Retention

  • There are many SEO companies in India that simply undermined the significance of images on web pages and lost the chance of making a long-lasting impression on visitors perception. A study reveals that visuals contribute a whopping 90% of the information, which is perceived by human brains and finally transmitted to the brain. Thus, it is the image through which you can capably add to a user's experience on your website. Nice and crisp images not only help to attract visitors but somehow direct a visitor's line of sight. The informative texts, which accompany a powerful image to denote a strong relationship, is often remembered for a long time by visitors, which may otherwise be lost in the process of scanning information on the internet. It has been established long back that internet users scan web information rather than giving information a close read.
  • So no doubt, images possess great value when it comes to presenting information on web pages. Attractive, crisp, and relevant images do play a great role in retaining web visitors, which eventually helps improve the bounce rate, and thus contributing to SEO strategy of an entrepreneurial venture. If you are looking for some serious options to supercharge the SEO of your website, then you must try to engage visitors through attractive images.

Image optimization for better ranking

Even though images make a website heavy, which causes delays with the loading-time issue, one must not lose hopes to rank better on search engines. All you need to do is optimize the images before you upload them on a website. But remember that optimization of images is not as simple as it sounds. You need to be choosy, you need to be tricky, and you need to act smarter before proceeding for image optimization. Here are simple tips, you need to keep in mind before you implement the image optimization process:

  • Choose images wisely: No one would engage with the image if it does not convene the idea or thing being discussed around. So be choosy enough in publishing images that strengthen a story, and successfully capture the attention of visitors
  • Resize images: Image resizing is a great way one can reduce the file size of a particular image. I suggest a special hack, which I personally implement to reduce image file size, and it is quite simple too. So here it goes!
  • Just take a PrintScreen / Screenshot of a heavy image file, Open Paint application from Start Menu in Windows Operating System, and simply paste in the application. Resize the image using available Crop option, and save this file to your Desktop or anywhere else. This way you will be able to avoid sizeable megabytes/bytes from the file sizes while compromising with the picture quality just a bit. So you this option to make sure your website is light in weight, and score good marks on search engines for quick web page loading.
  • Choose right file extensions: Depending upon the needs and requirements of your web page layout, you shall make an ideal selection among the available image file extensions that are .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .gif and many more.

Traffic generation with image names

An image without a justified name is like an injustice with the SEO of web page on which the image(s) is published. The search engine bots are designed to recognize texts rather than the images, thus if an image on the web page does not has a caption for it, then chances of listing the web page on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for relevant search query would be comparatively lesser. Thus, the importance of including a concise caption with an image cannot be undermined, as far as a better ranking of a website is concerned. Even if you agree with this, you should also be careful enough to maintain page relevance and image relevance to reap the most benefit for an SEO perspective.

If you seamlessly integrate the above points in your web promotion strategy, then your website can gear up for better organic traffic that is harder to obtain otherwise. Images not only engage visitors with their appealing visuals but nicely captioned images are a gateway for good search engine promotion.

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