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5 Advanced SEO Strategies For 2017

Search Engine Optimization | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2017-10-11

5 Advanced SEO Strategies For 2017

Search engine optimization is the key that unlocks the door to the first page of search engine result. A well-planned SEO strategy can enhance the website's visibility, conversion rates, and user experience all at the same time. And if you know the advanced strategies for SEO, you would easily aim all your resources and efforts in the direction of driving better results and increasing the likelihood of getting a higher rank. In this write-up, we have outlined the best 5 advanced SEO strategies which, when accompanied with the regular SEO efforts, can help you get access to the first page of various search engines in 2017. So, let's have a look.

Optimize For Voice Search

  • Voice search queries have seen a 35 times increase since 2008 and 7 times increase since 2010, stated a 2016 Internet Trends Report by KPCB
  • Voice Recording option should be made available on the website to let the customers do all the talking without having to undergo the hassle of typing. To optimize for voice search, research for more conversational and long tail+ keywords that your user would be using for your service/product. A structured data markup would also enable search engines to crawl your site for instant results.

Treat Mobiles As The Priority

  • Mobile phones have become a priority, there's no questioning about that. Last year saw two breakthroughs that made mobile optimization inevitable. First, mobile phones surpassed the desktop search and second, Google announced its mobile-first indexing. In order to strengthen your advanced SEO strategy, you need to prioritize mobiles websites.
  • Make your mobile website user-friendly and ensure that people can easily navigate through it. Boost the site speed by reducing, compressing and optimizing the elements on the site. Design the site to allow flawless switching for various screens. Avoid the usage of flash, pop-ups etc., in your mobile website for a better user experience.

Get High Volume Quality Links

  • Linking a website has always been a crucial factor for higher SERP ranking. Not just the links that you incorporate but also the links that are pointing to your site are important for advanced SEO efforts. Relevant links are a valuable aspect of a successful SEO strategy and have always been used by businesses to rank higher.
  • Google crawls through your website to see the volume of links you have, the more the better works here. Both quality and quantity of links come into play in advanced SEO. Add anchor links in your content pointing to relevant pages. You can also engage in building international links from quality websites to rank higher in the global level.

Work Towards A Higher CTR

  • Click Through Rate or CTR has become one of the important keys to a higher ranking on various search engines. A study published in Moz blog revealed that CTR is directly connected to your SERP ranking. If you have a higher rank but do not outperform in terms of clicks, your ranking would soon be moved down by search engines.
  • By optimizing the meta descriptions and title tags with relevant keywords, you can ensure higher click through rate. CTR also depends highly upon the UX aka user experience provided by your website. Don't let the technical elements on your website hamper with your site's UX. Offer a better experience so that the user would click on your website link again as it sees it in the search result.

Make Way For Longer Content

  • R.L. Adams, a contributor to Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine etc., has a rank #1 for a number of competitive searches. His secret, as he revealed to Forbes, is to avoid thin content and write content long-form content with meat and bones. In fact, a study by SERPIQ searched for more than 20,000 keywords and concluded that the average length of content on the top 10 results was more than 2,000. The average length of the rank #1 result was found to be 2,416.
  • In the quest to write a long-form content of more than 2,000 words, you should not compromise with the quality of the content. If not 2,000, you should at least aim for a minimum 1,200 words in all the content you publish. Have an advanced SEO strategy to get a higher ranking by creating long and meaningful content that informs and educates the users.

Experts have avowed that the advanced SEO strategies discussed above would definitely give you the best chance of ranking in 2017. Optimizing the voice search, prioritizing the mobile screens, quality link building, improving user-experience and creating long-form content are the best five out of the many SEO strategies that can get you access to the first result page.

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