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How To Retain Visitors On Your Website

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2014-07-28

How To Retain Visitors On Your Website

In today's world, internet is a prominent tool and used by almost everyone. Thus, having a Website becomes a necessity. For potential customers, your Website is your online persona whom they interact with, hence, it is essential to make it an enticing experience for them to browse through your site. In this respect, Website Design plays a major role. The kind of interface, color schemes, templates etc used in a website help in getting positive response from customers.

To know how to make your customers stay on your Website, you must follow certain guidelines.

  • Focus on a Good web design : A good Web Design is bound to attract more users and provide better retention. The web design should be attractive and should provide a good browsing experience to visitors.
  • Make it user friendly : Your Website must be user friendly. A Complex Website is the main reason why customers do not stay. The registration and login process on your Website must be simple and easy. Social logins are a welcome addition as it fulfills the need for a single channel interface.
  • Do not clutter the Site : By cramping too much information, you can make the Website look stuffy and drive off visitors. Only put information that is necessary. In addition, use of space in a Website must be done wisely.
  • Encourage Two-way communication : Ask your Web Designing Company to make an interactive Website. Two-way communication is required as people may want to express their views and opinions after visiting your Website. They may have questions, queries and suggestions. Feedback provides better scope of knowing your visitor's preferences. Flow of information must happen from both the sides.
  • Make it attractive : Use of good format and layout, visual presentation and useful content win half of the battle & make the visitors stay put. If they find the Website interesting and it grabs their attention, it is likely they will want to browse for a longer time or visit again.

Since, making your visitors stay on a website is a tough job and isn't achieved easily, it is important that Web Design Companies keep these points in mind to get good results out of Websites they create. Also Web Design Companies who are ready to evolve and learn fare better. On your part, you must choose a Web Design Company India that puts effort in knowing about your visitors and follows these guidelines. Request a Free Quote

1 thoughts on "How To Retain Visitors On Your Website"

  • Sonia Pitt
    30 November, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    Slow loading sites and heavy use of advertisements make a site looks ugly and cluttered. Good deign, good relevant content, good formatting, mobile friendly and fast loading websites keep its users on the site and also convert those users into paid customers and readers.


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