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How to Deal With Written Complaints in Business?

Business & Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2014-06-24

How to Deal With Written Complaints in Business?

Every email that goes out from the Customer Service Team has the companys name on the signature line and puts your corporate reputation in front of your customers and at the fingertips of agitated reviewers who wish to seek a reply for their written complaints. Thus to put your best face forward, here are a few things you may wish to incorporate while responding to a complaint letter.

Problems Associated With Consumer Complaint Handling

Did you know that the customer support staff does not answer nearly half of the routine customer queries adequately? Well! The customer support team in majority of companies addresses only a portion of customers question. Sometimes the solution that they advise seems as if it is a general written reply. Another undermining problem associated with Consumer Complaint Handling is that many emails answered are too plain or sloppy. They are filled with common mistakes that make it look extremely unprofessional.

Tips For Dealing With Written Complaints In Business

Therefore, when it comes to dealing with Written Complaints in Business, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Respond As Quickly As Possible: An average company takes around 2 days or 48 hours to respond to their customers. Generally, a speedy response improves corporate credibility and boosts customer satisfaction.
  • Pay Attention To The Customers Mail: It is important to understand the customers perspective before you suggest a reply. An excellent way to ensure that you respond to every question that the customer asks is to copy the customers email and paste it to the place where you are drafting the answer. Once you have pasted the customers email, you should read each line carefully before drafting a response.
  • Use Comforting Gestures Such As Thank You etc: When replying to a complaint letter, start by expressing appreciation for the feedback. Here is one way of expressing appreciation in an email.Thank you for taking your time and writing to us (This is a perfect example of responding back to a customer who is responsible for the error or whose request you cannot honor)
  • Apologize: It is important to remember, that when you apologize to the customer after things go wrong, you send a positive message relating to the satisfaction of the issues raised by the customer. When you apologize, you convey politeness, courtesy, concern, effort and empathy.

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