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How to Advertise Online for Free

Digital Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2012-12-18

How to Advertise Online for Free

Advertising is one of the very important aspects of doing business. Irrespective of whether your firm is a big or small one, promotion is necessary to ensure that your product/services get the right kind of exposure. One of the biggest drawbacks of advertising & promotion (despite it being a very effective tool for achieving better sales) is that it can very expensive. Though the larger firms can still manage, the rocketing advertising costs can prove back breaking for new start-ups or small scale businesses.

Tips On How To Advertise Your Business Online For Free

  • Make use of online classified sites to advertise your business. There are many free online classified sites. Only there are some simple rules which need to be followed in order to stay registered.
  • Create profiles on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Here you can have followers like your profile, post comments, write testimonials, etc. This is a great way for online advertisement. Giving your contact information on such social networking websites will help provide exposure to your business.
  • You can also ask your existing clients to sign up for e-newsletters or ask them for reference of friends and family who would like to do so. But make sure that your e-newsletters are interesting, creative and informative to the readers for this strategy to work on a long term basis.
  • Blog is a very effective tool to promote your business. If you get it right, there will be interested people visiting your website for information & you will get free exposure. And if the blogs are really well written, your business can get instant popularity through n number of hits, which in the end means more prospects.
  • There are also bookmarking sites which provide readers with the option of sharing. This feature means that more people read your company blogs & it gets rotated between friends and family. Thus, you get free exposure & promotion for your business.

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