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Guest Blogging - Is It Stil Relevant in 2014?

Digital Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2014-03-13

Guest Blogging - Is It Stil Relevant in 2014?

Once considered the byword of SEO strategies followed by companies wanting to establish strong online presence, today Guest Blogging is slowly losing its touch. Some time ago, being a guest blogger was a matter of honour but now they are considered akin to spammers. So it is true that Guest Blogging is losing its relevance & should be completely discarded?

Actually no, though the term Guest Blogging has become synonymous with spamming, this does not mean that all guest bloggers are spammers; rather there are many genuine people out there too who are trying to provide valuable information to the readers. Why should their efforts be discounted just because some companies are ready to go to any length to gain backlinks from other website?

In fact, if done properly Guest Blogging can prove to be a great strategy for increasing the traffic to your site, and driving up your sales and establishing a good reputation. In the previous sentence, the focus is not just on guest blogging but rather on Proper Guest blogging. So what is the right way as far as guest blogging is considered.

Important Tips For Being A Successful Guest Blogger Provide Quality Content

This is one failsafe mantra which is known to almost everybody, but nobody seems to follow. Quality Content means information which will prove useful for the readers and is unique. For this you will need to take out time and write some good content that will be of relevance to readers.

  • Screen Guest Bloggers - This means that you should only accept/invite guest bloggers to contribute to your site only if they provide such relevant content. Similarly link out to other sites only if it will benefit the readers. As far as possible, try to find blogs that have a larger reader base than yours so that you get more exposure.
  • Focus On Enhancing Your Author Rank For this you have to contribute quality content to various sites unless you build up a reputation. This will help the search engines in identifying you as a good author.

These are some of the fundamentals of guest blogging and following them will surely avail you the benefits like increased traffic and brand exposure.

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