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Google Page Rank: An Overview

Search Engine Optimization | Admin | Updated: 2012-09-11

Google Page Rank: An Overview

Google Page Rank is a measure of the importance of a particular webpage. The higher the Google Page Rank, the higher will be the ranking of the webpage by Google Search Engine. And we all know the significance of a higher ranking in a leading search engine like Google. Yes, greater exposure, better promotion, lead generation and rising sales, etc. are some of the direct benefits, to name a few.

Rationale Behind Google Page Rank: As per the experts, Google Page Rank (GPR) is a relative concept. The very term implies that GPR of a webpage, to an extent depends on other webpages. This may sound weird but the fact is that when a webpage links to another webpage, it actually boosts the importance of the latter. The more the linking the greater is the importance and eventually the higher is the Page Rank.

How Is Page Rank Calculated?

Google Page Rank is calculated on the basis of a simple formula stated below: 0.15+ {0.85* (a share of the PR of every webpage that links to it)} = Your Webpage's PR where 0.15 is the lowest possible PR of a webpage 0.85 is the dampening factor used by Google in its PR formula. share = PR of the page linking to your webpage the total number of links on that page. You should know that determination of the Page Rank really helps you to analyze where your website stands in this tough competition era. The knowledge of the same will enable you to appraise the situation in a better way and take corrective measures if something has been going wrong. Upgrading your website as per Search Engine Optimization parameters will certainly give a big boost to your business. And for that you must have an understanding of Google Page Rank concept. Request a Free Quote

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  • Make The Logo Bigger
    05 November, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Great Information! Thanks for sharing the Google PR calculation formula!! It is true Google PR shows the value of the webpage like authenticity, user friendly, customer loving etc...


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