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7 Unconventional Marketing Practices For Content Writers

Content Marketing | Poonam | Updated: 2019-12-13

7 Unconventional Marketing Practices For Content Writers

Excellent writings have a terrible starting- Anonymous Content writing services are one of the widely acclaimed best marketing strategies. Without providing a rough overview of any product, no brand can induce its followers to become its loyal customers. Thus, painting scenery with words is a must. And being an inextricable part of marketing, whether digital or traditional, the content writing is consistently evolving. To sustain in this industry and maintain the persona, it is essential to polish the existing skills and learn new ones.

Though SEO leads content, it is the content that evokes the CTA because it is the core of a business. It has become mandatory for writers to keep up the pace with evolving trends in the industry of content writing. While availing content writing services from professional content writers can do wonder for your business, paying attention to certain points while drafting content can tremendously enhance the writing skills of a budding content writer.

Marketing Strategies for New Writers

Content writing unfolds a lot of things when it is seen as an apprentice for marketing. Take a look:

Let Your Style Reflect

In the industry of content writing, it is often observed that new writers try to imitate other writers. Though imitation can leave a powerful impact and helps in understanding how to make up the flow of writing, it tends to kill the natural style of writing of a person. People avail content writing services from companies that understand the requirement of the type of content required. Thus, it is better to grab the basic knowledge and statistics about the topic before penning it. This practice will help in maintaining the natural writing style.

Originality Must Prevail

Today, the black hat practice of click-baiting is widely preferred by many companies. The prime reason behind is the lack of originality and increased forgery of data. It becomes essential to create original write-up by gathering the right information instead of singing the song of plagiarism. If you're able to create own content without plagiarizing, it will surely divert organic traffic to the website where your content is being posted. Moreover, backlinking in a multitude will also uplift the status of your content!

Make the SEO Game Strong

SEO is an inseparable part of content writing. Also known as trigger words or keywords, these words help in increasing the ranking of the website on the search engine by diverting organic traffic. When the SEO game is strong, it benefits the website and when it is weak, it can drag the website down. Besides, it is essential to insert the keyword else Google will identify it as keyword spamming.

Story Telling is An Art

A writer is not just a writer, but a storyteller too! Instead of blabbering fact-based data, one should know the art of keeping the reader engaged with the content. Since dull content or better say compiling sentences do not evoke emotions, the reader wouldn't peruse ahead. Thus, content writing services should be for creating engaging content. Avoid putting unnecessary phrases to prevent from breaking the flow. Moreover, excessive use of jargon can make readers skip a major part of your work. In simple terms, the infotainment of readers is necessary.

Maximum Utilization of Editing Tools

There are multiple editing tools on the internet like Grammarly that serve as an apprentice for the writer. After drafting the content, it is essential to proofread it for spotting any mistakes like punctuation error, tautology, repetition etc. Every content marketing company offering content writing services should lay emphasize on the maximum use of such tools so that minor imperfections are terminated before the final copy is forwarded.

Carving The Structure

Content writing can be carved in 4 ways that will keep a reader engaged in your content. Let's understand it most easily:

  • Powerful Headline- A powerful headline comprises adjectives and numbers to grab the attention of readers. It triggers the reader for a CTA.
  • Engaging Opening- An opening that claims to provide the best resolution entices the reader.
  • The Attractive Body- Lucrative content without complex jargon in excess and fillers is readable for all.
  • Nice Closing- Ending the write-up by acting as an authority who wishes to see a jumpstart in its readers.

Include Facts, Expert Opinions, and Statistics

Being a writer, it is a responsibility to provide authentic and data-driven information. Gathering opinions of experts, recent surveys, and graph data increase the reliability of the content. And, when such content is posted on the website, it becomes a magnet that attracts extensive backlinking. It automatically leads to an increased inflow of organic traffic.

Because Readers Crave For Your Opinion

There are several reasons for a company to avail content writing services worldwide. To all writers, unconventional writing skills are just like what petrol is to a motorbike. And writers, without solid skills, cannot burgeon in this industry. Hence, it becomes mandatory to understand the essence of content writing and how it should be improvised every day. Working consistently on the work hard but smart combination, one can acquire amazing content writing skills and become an in-demand content writer.

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