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Generating Sales With Banner Ads

Business & Marketing | Admin | Updated: 2013-06-17

Generating Sales With Banner Ads

Advertising remains to be the biggest revenue source for most of the websites, and Banner Ads are one of the popular ways of online advertising. In technical terms, a Banner Ad is a special type of hypertext link, and when clicked upon, brings up a particular webpage on the screen. The appearance of Banner Ads may vary greatly but the purpose remains the same i.e. to catch the attention of the viewer, generate interest and eventually motivate to take a favorable action.

Elements Of A Banner Ad

The graphics in a Banner Ad comprise of text, images and many a times animations. When a Banner Ad is clicked upon, it redirects the visitor to the advertiser's website. One of the compelling features of Banner Ads is their dynamic capability. Banner Ads, though displayed on the same page again and again, appear in multiple ways with multiple images which is more effective and attractive.

How Can A Banner Ad Be Effective?

Advertising is a blend of art and science and does not follow hard and fast rules for success or failure. The same applies to Banner Ads as well. However, there are certain attributes that make a Banner Ad effective. The following points will elaborate:

  • Banner Ads should be placed on web pages that carry related web content.
  • If the banner ad is specifically about a product or service rather than a website, it is likely to be more effective.
  • Banner Ads should always be placed at the top of the page and not at the bottom. This will make them easily visible.
  • Banner Ads with animations are always more attractive than the ones with static images.
  • The size of the Banner Ad should be small. Web pages with big Banner Ads take too long to load and many a times offset the visitors.

Eventually, the success or failure of a Banner Ad is measured by the amount of sales it generates. A golden rule while placing Banner Ad is to be short and concise with the best of animations and images. That will not only catch the attention but motivate the visitor to click on it. Request a Free Quote

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