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Different types of Internet marketing

Digital Marketing | Admin | Last Updated: 2009-10-07

Different types of Internet marketing

Internet marketing is all about promoting business through the medium of the internet. It is a cost-effective way of carrying out business. Information Technology has lead to the concept of eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) which is helping companies cut down costs in business related operations.

Internet Marketing has been categorized into the following types:

  • PPC (pay per click) :- This has the facility of creating as many ads with necessary keywords. Both Yahoo! and Google have pay per click programs, which concerns higher visibility of ads in cyberspace. More payment means there are chances of the ad being in higher position in the search engines.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :- This helps is increasing traffic to your site. It helps in garnering more and more customers for your enterprise. So, we wont go overboard when we say that optimization of the webpages of the website to different keywords is a prerequisite of internet marketing technique. Those who are laggards in this aspect would be left behind in the race.
  • Banner Ads :- These ads appear horizontally across the top or bottom of the web page. There are also instances where they appear vertically either on the right or left side of he page. Banner ads are generally colourful, animated so as to attract attention of users. When a user will click on a banner ad, it will lead to another website (ikt can be yours). Animations can be avoided since surveys show that colour itself without motion appeals to potential customers.
  • Google Ad Sense :- This program makes way for other websites through your site. Ads regarding other sites appear on your website. Each time one ad is clicked, it would generate revenue for your site. Morever, Google AdSense helps to rope in targeted traffic for business transactions.
  • Online Magazines :- It's like buying space for a fee, the same we do when buying a print magazine. The amount depends on the traffic the magazine generates. Online magazines or internet magazines goes a long way in taking your ads to the desired audience.
  • Online Newsletters :- These are effective tools of striking a bond with your present Customers, and those who are likely to be in the near future. Online newspapers help in keeping users informed about new products and services. It broadens customer base as each user can send it to more.
  • Website Lead Generation :- ou are provided with qualifies leads. It is established in the beginning that you pay a price per lead. Website Lead Generation guarantees a return on investment.
  • Online Directories :- These include online directories, city guides and online Yellow Pages. You can advertise your enterprise under the appropriate category or area. In Most of the directories on the internet, a general listing is provided free of cost. However, you can purchase additional advertisements if required.

Internet marketing is growing in leaps and bounds; everyday there is something new to try on and something new to learn. Types of internet marketing cannot set under limitations, each day there are new techniques and types. With the gap of few posts we will again discuss the latest trends and types of internet marketing, just wait for new stuff.

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