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How Your Content Marketing Strategy Influences SEO In 2019

Content Marketing | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-01-28

How Your Content Marketing Strategy Influences SEO In 2019

Search engine optimization and content marketing are two faces of the same coin; both are incomplete without each other. As no SEO strategy is complete without the creation of quality content, similarly, every content marketing strategy impacts the sites search engine optimization strategy. Whether we talk about keyword inclusion in content, backlinks to high-ranking sites, or even micro-content on social media channels, today, content marketing strategy has become a strong influencing factor in the overall SEO of any brand online. All in all, a strong-knit the content marketing strategy backed by the best content management system have a strong effect on your SEO. Let's have an in-depth reading of the influence of content marketing strategy on SEO.

Unique Content For Each Distribution Channels

One of the top content marketing strategies for content marketers in 2019 would be to create unique content for each of the distribution channels. Whether it is an owned distribution channel, a paid distribution channel, or an owned distribution channel, content marketers would create new content for each of the aforementioned to boost their SEO.

  • Blogging Sites: Writing user-friendly content for the company's blogging site would be indispensable to gain trust, add value, keep the visitors engaged, and increase the page time as well as engagement rate.
  • Social Media: In 2019, social networking channels cannot be ignored to boost brand awareness. In fact, unique content would be created for each channel like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This would be in adherence to the character limit, target audience, and the type of content. Creating engaging content for social media channels would is, in fact, one of the top social media marketing tips from the experts.
  • Website: Creating content for the website, especially the landing page of the site, is also a priority of the content marketers. The more engaging and keyword-rich content with well-placed CTA, the more would be the ranking and conversions.
  • Guest Blogging Platforms: This is a part of influencer marketing and it is one of the leading ways to engage with the target audience in a short time. Writing unique and information-rich content for high authority sites to get quality backlinks and link juice for your site.
  • Paid Channels: Paid channels are certainly the most popular channels for getting more traffic from search engines and social media channels. The type of content written for these ads would certainly impact the businesss SEO.

Content With Context Is The King

While the content marketers have grown up cramming that Content is the King the adage has been modified in accordance with the increasing importance of context. Content marketing strategies now revolve around the users intent. There are many algorithms rolled by different search engines to offer more personalized and accurate results to the users. While creating contextualized content, the main focus would be on creating a strong relationship between the content and its concepts. Content would have many targeted keywords revolving around the topic along with LSI keywords to let Google know the context of the content and thus, rank high on search engines.

Content That Ranks On Voice Search

With voice assistants like Siri, OK Google, Alexa, etc., solving everyday human problems, creating content for the voice search result pages is one of the priorities of the content marketers in 2019. Not only are the keywords targeted for voice search different but the entire tone of the content should also wary to meet voice UI requirements. As per the research report by a Campaign, Voice is the future of search as around 50% of the total search on Google is expected to be performed through voice by 2020. Artificial Intelligence would grow smarter and scan conversational content that understands the intent and context of the users.

Content Personalized Around Customer Data

Big data has been the buzz word for content marketers for the past few years. Digital marketers have been using this data to personalize the user experience on their site and now even the content marketers would leverage the power of this data to offer personalized content. With the user being bombarded with millions of bits of data every minute, personalized content is the tool to catch the fancy of the users. Creating accurate content based on the last activities of the users would be on top of the list of content marketers and this would greatly influence their SEO rankings as well. Whether it is about sending personalized emails, customized app notifications, or customizing ads shown on cross channels, creating personalized content would definitely be an effective content marketing strategy to maximize the SEO efforts.

Content Curated By Users

Customer surveys, reviews, Q&A sessions, contests, hashtags, customer stories, etc., are a great means to get more content without creating one. UGC aka user-generated content creates a psychological response in the user, i.e., social proof. User-generated content approves the given thing and creates a kind of validation for the product, company, or even brand. Moreover, user-generated content offers new and relevant content for your company on different channels and search engines, thus improving SEO. Customers, writing reviews or posting/ mentioning your products on different channels naturally use it as a keyword and help in rank on SEO. By building trust and adding new content UGC tends to increase the conversion rates, thus, maximizing the benefits reaped by SEO efforts.

Quality content has always been one of the most powerful SEO tools for businesses across all domains. Content pattern is changing and SEO is directly or indirectly influenced by the content one posts on the internet. To reap the highest SEO benefits from your content marketing strategy, it is important for content marketers to look back at the strategies incorporated in the year gone by and see what numbers they brought in. Create power-packed content to rank high on search engines and don't forget to follow the latest content marketing trends to stay updated.

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